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DORTMUND - Signal Iduna Park / Westfalenstadion (81,359) - UEFA EURO 2024

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BV Borussia Dortmund

8x League:
1956, 1957, 1963, 1995, 1996,
2002, 2011, 2012

5x Cup:
1965, 1989, 2012, 2017, 2021

6x Supercup: (record)
1989, 1995, 1996, 2008, 2013,

1x UEFA Champions League:

1x UEFA Cup Winners' Cup:

1x FIFA Club World Cup:

53,872 (1974–1992)
42,800 (1992–1996)
54,000 (1996–1999)
68,600 (1999–2003)
83,000 (2003–2005)
81,264 (2005–2006)
80,708 (2006–2008)
80,552 (2008–2010)
80,720 (2010–2012)
80,645 (2012–)(League Matches)
65,590 (International Matches)

Country: Germany
City: Dortmund
Capacity: 83.000
Team: Borussia Dortmund 09 (My favorite team)

(This picture is from the stadiums earlier stage, when they didn't have any seats in the corners yet)

This one's just for show :) :

So is this one: :)

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There is an articel telling some stuff about tickets for home games of the BVB:

They say there is a long waiting list for season tickets: 100000! Some wating for those tickets since 2009 … BVB is selling 55000 season tickets nearly to the same people. Thats why they changed there conditions. The details ar not important. That number is important, too: 0,1 of the seats are for the away team.

So those numbers tell me one thing: Dortmund needs to extend the stadium! Something with 120000 should be no problem. They could easily extend the top stand by building some kind of structure around the existing stadium like FC Barcelona is doing that with the Camp Nou. The „Gelbe Wand“ would be larger, there is plenty of room at the top (you can see the windows there). Of course they would need a new roof, but thats not a bad idea in my opinion. They could build a much nicer facade, too.

btw: They made a mistake with those corner stands. the lower part schould have been lower and the gap could have host more lodges. I would have made the video screens somehow like those seen inside the stadium in Atlanta:
Maybe not that high, something like an LED bank(?) seen next to the field.

But what do I know …
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Even on the east side its possible. They could include the existing stand of the small stadium into the new building or they could make some arc above this stand.
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Well, when they build another „ring“ around the stadium the limitations would be eliminated because this new extension would have some capacity. And instead of moving the stadium to another place they should move some of the surrounding buildings to other places like the Tennis club „Eintracht“ or the Dortmunder equestrian club (I think its a bad place for horses anyway). They also can get rid of some parking areas if they create one or two car park buildings.

A completly new stadium? Would be easier. A nice place would have been somewhere at Westfalenhütte area because thats right next to the founding place „Borsigplatz“. But as far as I know there isnt much space left after alot of logistics and industrie occupied most of the ground there.
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I still dont know why they dont extend the stadium a bit. They could add a small upper tier by just adding a thin new support structure around the existing stadium. They could aquire maybe 20000 additional visitors making the 100000 full. The club is able to attract this many visitors so why not going for it? Yes, there is the stand from the stadium „Rote Erde“ right next to it, but the support structure could have like a huge arch here spanning above the tiny stand from the other stadium. I think it would be possible and it would be a better solution than building a whole new generic stadium somehwere at the edge of the city.
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Never gonna happen. The Südtribüne is for standing. They will not abandon this. I think even if they build a completely new stadium somwhere else in town, they will do a new Südtribüne for standing spectators. It is the heart of the fan scene and a big argument for the club to attract new players.
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