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Douala is the economic capital of Cameroon, while Yaoundé is the administrative and political capital.
The city of Douala has about 3,5 millions inhabitants (2013). It's the largest and the most industrial city of central african area CEMAC ( CAMEROON, GABON, CONGO,EQUATORIAL GUINEA, CENTRAL AFRICAN REPUBLIC AND CHAD). Douala has more than 70% of the industry of that zone.
Douala city length east-west more than 36 km.
The Douala Seaport is one of the biggest in Africa.
Douala is also a great cultural city.
Before, the name of DOUALA was KAMERUN given by Germans during colonization. Douala was the political and administrative capital of the German KAMERUN (1884-1900).
German colonization of Cameroon ended in 1918 after the 1914-1918 war.
Then, Cameroon was mandated by the Ligue of Nations to the French and British governments. France took about 75% of the country and England about 25%
Concerning the infrastructure, Cameroon is always developping the two main cities ( DOUALA, YAOUNDE), and other cameroonian cities while most of african francophone countries only develop one city.
And some anglophone african countries only develop one city.
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