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Downtown Buffalo Up Close and Personal

Here are several interesting pictures I have found around the web showing Downtown Buffalo. Most downtown photographs you see are from the outside looking in. These all represent a slightly different vantage point. They are all taken from within the downtown area or very close up. They also are all taken from a slightly elevated position. As I said I found most of these on the web so give your praise to the unknown photographers if you like.
Please respect that these images might be copyrighted and should not be used contrary to copyright law

Buffalo does not have a lot of height or density but it does have some great diversity and some real high quality gems. Anyone have any more up close and personal images?

Also some additional Buffalo imagery here

From the porthole windows at the top of the Guaranty Building

Guaranty from City Hall

HSBC from City Hall

Hospital district from City Hall

Liberty Building from City Hall

Liberty building from ??

Shoreline Apartments from City Hall

County Court from nearby rooftop

General View from Holling Place Lofts

View from Buffalo General Hospital

View from HSBC Center

From Skyway

View from hotel room (taken from digital video)

View form Key center

View from Hospital district

View toward Hospital district
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