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(Some SCROLLING required)

Starting out at the jLofts

Looking down Jackson Street

From 1101 Jackson

Overlooking the Farmer's Market

Looking at the Old Market Lofts from 1101 Jackson. Soma and the Postal Annex lofts in background.

The Kimball Laundry Building

Kimball Model

Kimball View from a dirty window

From 1600 Farnam

From 1600 looking over the Gene Leahy Mall

Looking over the Securities (Apt) building, Paxton (condos), and the Landmark Center.

Looking over Redick Hotel, Orpheum Theater, and the Old Market.

The Old Market

The Omaha building from 1600 Farnam

The Woodmen Tower and Omaha Building

Looking over North DT.
Site of the Slowdown residential/commercial project.

Looking over to the Central Park Plaza, Union Pacific Center, and future site
of the U/C Wallstreet Tower. The new 32 story condo tower will be Omaha's 3rd tallest.

From 902 Dodge. I work part-time here in the bar/deli on the first floor

Looking south towards the Towns at Little Italy.

From 902
Overlooking Riverfront Place, Gallup University, US Park HQ, and the U/C Pedestrian Bridge

From Riverfront Place

Pedestrian Bridge construction from Riverfont Place Tower 1

The Missouri River


Looking over the townhomes

Downtown View from Riverftont Place

The Towns at Little Italy


View from the Towns. Western Heritage Museum in foreground

The Old Market Lofts and Ford Lofts

The Soma Townhomes

Rooftop views from Soma

Union Pacific and the Landmark Center over the Old Market

Looking at my house and workplace

The whole view

Finishing up the tour with lunch in the Old Market
at the Upstream Brewery



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Awesome! I love it when the thread title doesn't mention the name of the city. Leaves me guessing until I realize it's Omaha.

But since when does Omaha have a Little Italy? Or is it a fake Little Italy like that strip-mall Chinatown in Vegas?

Fiercly Omahan
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Thanks. I find being ambigous helps draw people in. Plus living in a city that isn't a huge city it helps when people think they could be looking at some place more popular. I like my city to be judged on it's own merits and am not into alot of hyperbole.

There is actuallly a "Little Italy" in Omaha. The condo project is taking the name and running with it. The area is actually called the Dahlman Park neighborhood. Their are/were many of the old Italian restaurants and steakhouses in the area. Orsil's, an Italian bakery, is in the Dahlman area too.

My mom is real good friends with one family in the area. They are all full blown Italian. They all live on the same street, they all have the same last name, and they all belong to a group called the "Sons of Italy" which I understand is some sort of legitimate businessmens club. There is even a mafia history in the area. There are tunnels underneath the houses used by bootleggers during the prohibition era and beyond.
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