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mypetrobot said:
pecentage wise yes i think the smaller city grows at a faster rate... but i mean if you take a look at the type of growth and sheer numbers going on. chicago clearly wins over the smaller city growth.

plus all those midwestern cities they had a steady decline in population for the past twenty years correct? so they have exisiting infrastructure and people are moving back into it.

just imagine lakeshore east happening in cleveland.
You beat me to the point about Lakeshore East. Percentage wise, the smaller downtowns will grow faster. In absolute terms, Chicago will win and end up widening the gap.

If Lakeshore East were being built in Milwaukee, it would immediately redefine the skyline and place an unheard of impact on the city. In Chicago, it is a large scale project that will ADD to the skyline, and ADD yet another thriving neighborhood to downtown, but it certainly will not have anywhere near the impact that it would in Milwaukee.

In short, a development like Lakeshore East by itself might stack up favorably against all other highrise projects going on in the midwest combined.
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