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Well, I did the unthinkable and went where very few people here will go for church service: Skid Row. Looks just like any scene from Brooklyn,NY IMO.

The 110/105 Interchange(South LA)

Beautiful pic of Downtown LA

Nah this ones better :)

Convention Center

BEST pic of DTLA

777 Tower from 110

Heading off the freeway

Skyscraper Canyon

Kinda blurry(yes they had that sign upside down)

Pershing Square

Jewelry District

Edge of Jewelry District

This building looks dope

Wall of CD advertisements for artists I don't care about(rock posters?)

Skid Row

Skid Row Number 2

Sadly, it got dark really quick so I couldn't take more. Next up, Chinatown.

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hey i'd like to see the pics but they aren't showing up for me...i'm not sure if its the settings on my own computer...but i'm not seeing anything..not even little red x's

Neon overdose
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Wasnt Skid Row a rock band? Everything makes sense!! :cheers:
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