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Here are some pictures from May 13, 2007 that I took on my photo tour of downtown. After over a week of difficulty in loading them onto SSC, I finally found a way...but they are still very large, I haven't figured out a way to downsize them without taking forever.

Icon Brickell

Metrorail Government Center "Ghost Platform"

Fifth Street Station - Miami Metromover

Interior of Government Center Metrorail Station

Riverwalk Metromover Station, S.E. 2nd Avenue and the Miami River

Mary Brickell Village

Knight Center Metromover Tunnel

Avenue at Brickell

Ten Museum Park/Marquis

Overtown/Arena Metrorail Station with New Arena Square in the background

Omni Metromover Station


Brickell Metrorail/Metromover Station, ceiling design

Knight Center Station....longest escalators in Miami metro system(only the very top is shown in this picture)

New Arena Square

Hope you enjoyed!
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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