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Downtown / West End Duluth MN

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Downtown YWCA, 202 W 2nd St

Duluth Entertainment & Convention Center along the waterfront

Eastern part of downtown from the lakeshore

Finish line for Grandma's Marathon, held every June

one of the last flophouses left in trendy Canal Park

buildings around 1st Ave W & Superior St

Looking up 1st Ave E; that's the "Coppertop Church" way at the top center.

New condos around the lakefront & Aerial Lift Bridge

Veterans Memorial along the Lakewalk

The beginning of I-35

The Great Lakes Aquarium; Enger Tower way at the top of the hill.

Downtown from the harbor

The William Irvin Tour Boat

Medical Arts Building

the old Duluth Cathedral High School

Duluth Cathedral High School; 2nd Ave W side

Duluth YWCA & Holiday Inn

Holiday Inn & Holiday Mall, 207 W Superior St

Seaway Hotel, 2001 W Superior St. Otherwise known as the worst "hotel" in Duluth...there's more stabbings, fights, drug deals, etc. than at any other address in the city.

the side of the Seaway Hotel

Curly's Bar, next to the Seaway; otherwise known as the West End's "hooker bar"...very rough place that usually two or three cops go if called.

the bridge from Duluth, Minnesota to Superior, Wisconsin

looking up 2nd Ave E

The Duluth Sauna, 18 N 1st Ave E

Duluth's other eyesore that probably won't be around much longer - the Kozy Bar, 129 E 1st St

Central Hillside, the new apartments on 6th Ave E

Harbor City International HS, downtown

Hotel Duluth, now the Greysolon Plaza Apartments, 231 E Superior St

county courthouse in the center

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Thanks for the photos and detailed captions. I've always liked Duluth--it has such a different feel from the Twin Cities, more like northern Ohio or PA.
What a fascinating city.
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