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10-storey condo tower at 4th and Burke Streets

This is Westend Village. The work of architect David Furman and Boulevard Centro. It will include retail and a mix of great housing options from a 10-storey condo tower to townhouses. The first phase will have 250 residential units. The location is 4th Street on the Entertainment District at Broad Street. A multiplex threatre is proposed across the street from the towhouses on 4th Street at Broad Street. There are historic rowhouses and lots of great bars, coffee shops, vintage clothing stores, restaurants and clubs around this development, located in historic buildings. All with-in walking distance. Talk about a great neighborhood!

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Although I wish this site could have included a new headquarters for Krispy Kreme, I must say I’m glad someone found a way to make the development work anyway. Great news for Winston!!!!!!! Kind of looks like a futuristic version of Old Salem.

The Business Journal of the Greater Triad Area - 5:31 PM EDT Wednesday

Charlotte firm, Lincoln Harris to develop former Unity Place site in W-S

Matt Harrington
The Business Journal

Boulevard Centro, a Charlotte-based residential development firm, will partner with developer Lincoln Harris to give new life to the site of what was once to be the Krispy Kreme-anchored Unity Place development on the western edge of downtown Winston-Salem.

Dennis Richter, a principal in the firm, said the company plans to open its on-site sales office Thursday for what is now being called West End Village. The new development will be mostly residential, with plans calling for 250 units to be divided between multistory town homes and single-story flats. Lincoln Harris will develop between 40,000 square feet and 60,000 square feet of office space as well as between 10,000 square feet and 15,000 square feet of retail space.

Richter said the units will range from 577 square feet to 1,200 square feet and be priced between $105,000 and $250,000, with the majority of the units in the $170,000 range. Using those prices, the total value of the residential component would be about $42.5 million.

The first phase of the project, which is scheduled to break ground in September, will consist of two residential buildings as well as the office space, he said.

Fourth and Broad, which will take the place of the former Modern Chevrolet site, will be a four-story building with 49 units, seven being town homes and the remainder being flats, he said. Adjacent to it, and also bordering Holly Avenue, will be the Towns at West End Village building, which will have 18 town homes.

Construction on future phases will depend on how quickly units are sold in the first two buildings, Richter said. He expects it will take between five and 10 years to complete the project.

"We think it's a great location in Winston-Salem, with one foot in the West End and the other in downtown," he said. "We have the philosophy that people want to be downtown if given the opportunity."

Richter said he was not aware of any arts elements that would be included. The original, $60 million Unity Place project was to include a performing-arts center, multiplex theater and an Imax. However, he said to his knowledge the N.C. School of the Arts was continuing to work on finding a location for the multiplex.

Dale Pollock, dean of filmmaking at NCSA, has a signed agreement with Consolidated Theatres to put a multiplex downtown, though a final location has not been decided on.

Boulevard Centro has done most of its products in Charlotte and specializes in urban villages. Last year, the company took on the development of a 16-story condominium tower in the Queen City.

The plans for Unity Place, which were first announced in January 2003, fell apart when Krispy Kreme Doughnuts Inc. ran into financial difficulties and the N.C. School of the Arts faced questions from the state auditor over its role in the proposed project.

Reach Matt Harrington at (336) 725-1163 or [email protected].



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That project looks really nice... definitely David Furman's work :) A true urban development that will testify Winston-Salem's forward thinking and provide additional opportunities for more such projects. I think that having Furman's company behind this will give other developers the confidence to come forth with bold plans. A real win for the beautiful city of Winston-Salem.

Has this been approved yet? I have no doubt that the city will throw its support behind this project, but I would like to know for sure. I assume everything is pretty much approved because the developer wants to break ground on September (if I read the above article correctly). That will be a good time to visit for some pictures ;)

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Site Photos!

Those buildings in the upper right corner are existing 100 year-old historic
rowhouses. They do look like something from the Old Salem neighborhood
though. If it's cross-hatched, it's an existing building. The old rowhouses
are seen as the entrance to the Victorian Westend National Historic District
neighborhood. Gothic Cycles will also be a part of Westend Village. :D

The existing historic rowhouses in the upper right corner of the renderings.

Unity Place was nowhere near as dense as Westend Village will be. Westend
Village will also have most of it's parking below ground, instead of using ugly
parking decks. This is urban and well planned. Westend Village is focused on
building street activity, not on a central courtyard. Westend Village also keeps
all the original streets open and uses them well.

Here's a look (below) at what they will demolish to build Westend Village:

Westend Village Site
There are a lot of interesting historic buildings on this site!
It looks like some of them will be saved, including the historic
rowhouses! One building at Burke Street, near the rowhouses,
was built in 1892 as a grocery store, so some of these are very
old historic structures. All the buildings in this photo though will be
demolished for the first 49 unit structure. :( I would like to visit and
photograph them before they are all demolished.

Consolidated Theatres Site
I looks like an auto-body shop exists at the theatre site now.

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I guess this is a good time to bring this thread back from the dead since this development is making steady progress. some buildings were recently demolished to make way for 4th and Green. these are photos from if im not mistaken, this latest demolition could also have something to do with the "multi-story centerpiece? depicted in the rendering at the top of the thread.

too bad the movie theater didnt work out. :(
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