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Dr. Denis Mukwege wins 2014 Inamori Prize for Ethics

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Dr. Denis Mukwege, a human rights activist who has worked with and for women who have suffered as a result of war in what’s now the Democratic Republic of Congo, is the winner of the 2014 Inamori Prize for Ethics given by Case Western Reserve University.

The prize has been awarded annually since 2008 by Case Western Reserve’s Inamori International Center for Ethics and Excellence to honor people who have made “significant and lasting contributions to ethical leadership on the global stage.”

Mukwege, 59, is scheduled to receive the award during ceremonies at Case Western Reserve on Oct. 1.

"Dr. Mukwege is a man of great courage and integrity," said Inamori Center director Shannon E. French in a news release.

"The problems he addresses evoke such feelings of horror that most people avoid even thinking of them,” French said. “Dr. Mukwege has helped women all over the world by refusing to turn away and demanding instead that the world confront the issue of sexual violence. He shows compassion and respect for human dignity by both treating and empowering women."

Case Western Reserve said in the news release that the Panzi Hospital, which Mukwege founded in war-torn Bukavu, Congo, and where he serves as manager and chief surgeon, is known worldwide for its treatment of women with severe gynecological problems, mostly from sexual violence.

Mukwege and his colleagues have treated more than 40,000 rape survivors. In addition to medical support, the Panzi Hospital provides patients with psychological counseling and legal advice.

The Inamori Center was endowed by a gift from Dr. Kazuo Inamori, who established Kyocera Corp. and is a global telecommunications leader and founder of the Inamori Foundation that presents the annual Kyoto Prize in Kyoto, Japan.
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Congo will be taken serious when greats minds are respected.
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