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Drapers Gardens, London

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Drapers Gardens
City of London

Height: 100m
Floors: 30
Built: 1967
Architect: Sir Richard Seifert

This was one of the first tall buildings to appear in London's financial district. The architect was Richard Seifert, who designed several other tall buildings in London including Tower 42, Centrepoint and the Kings Reach Tower. This tower was said to be his personal favourite. It is currently undergoing redevelopment, but is considered by many to be a fine example of the period and has even been the center of a campaign to be listed by English Heritage. It is the closest tower to St Paul's cathedral when viewed from Waterloo Bridge.

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Nice pics and rather nice tower for 1967.
Nice, after 40 years it still looks modern. 8/10
8/10 I like it! Looks fresh and good, it seems to have aged well
My favourite London midrise! 7/10
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Don't like the top much; a thick hat of concrete that destroys the elegance the building would have had without it.

7 / 10
1 - 20 of 74 Posts
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