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Ok, HUGE post coming up, but all these pics of Manc are ace!

Piccadilly Gardens:

Albert Square & Town Hall:

Town Hall:

St. Peter's Square looking West:

St. Peter's Square looking North (one of 2 pics):

Cathedral Gardens & Urbis (one of 2 pics):

Skyline Looking East:

Skyline Looking North East:

Skyline Looking West:

Skyline at night

Peveril Of The Peak Pub (One of 4 pics)

Great Northern Square & Bar 38 looking North West:

Great Northern Square & Bar 38 looking North (one of 4 pics):

Cafe Bar on Exchange Square:

Bars on Deansgate:

Canal St (one of 2 pics):

Pubs on Kennedy St:

St Anns Square (One of 2 pics):

Exchange Square looking West:

Exchange Square looking North (one of 3 pics):

St Patricks Parade on Deansgate (one of 2 pics):

Whitworth St & Origin Site before construction

Piccadilly Basin:


St Mary's Gate:

CIS Buildings:

The Portico Library:

The Lowry Hotel & Chapel Wharf:

Manchester University with (now demolished) Maths Tower (one of 2 pics):

The Lowry Centre:

Oxford Rd:

There are more featuring Trams as the focus too, plus some pics of other places.

Great artist.

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I recall a rather outstanding Necropolis drawing:)

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Glasgow up to 1901

Glasgow c. 1560

Defence of the Cathedral, 1579

Glasgow c.1690

The original Glasgow Uni on High St in 1693

Glasgow 1750

Govan 1757, the large terraced mound to the left was the ancient Moot Hill and probably dated from the 6th Century Royal Burial Cult centred on the (then) village

Glasgow 1762

Glasgow 1768

Nelsons Monument (erected 1806) in 1810 - the lightning brought down the top 20 feet of the obelisk!

Glasgow c. 1817

Glasgow in 1824

1830/40, the quarry that would become Queen St Station


Govan, 1845 - still an independant burgh at this time

Glasgow 1864

The 1901 Glasgow International Exhibition, Kelvingrove
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