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dream on Silk city...

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If we cant even settle our electricity and water disputes, how would you expect us to have another full time city? Kuwait is oil-rich, filthy-rich, spoiled-rich. The government and people have tons of money. We arent building 50 or 60 towers like Dubai, we arent expanding the size of our cities like other countries in the Gulf states. Yet of all countries, we have electricity and water shortages. LOL...

I can imagine Silk city with no electricity, or Mubarak al-Kabeer tower the only building with lights in all of Kuwait. :D
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Why are you so negative of this new city, this new city is probably the best thing that has ever happend. EVER HAPPEND Mohammad, my reasons are as followes;
- the city will serve as a new horizon to lost financial oppertunities due to the unfortunate eventes of the early 90's
- it will act as a launch pad for the greatest hightes in a new developed global market gaining a stratigic foothold
- Dubai's only sucess is built on kuwaits lost oppertunities of the past,Dubai marketed its name Mohammad the marketed thier name its uniqe, kuwait needs to do the same, the city of silk wow you think of the financial potential, do you realise do you even realise the potential here yet your talking about the electric issue and space?
- the governmetn has been pushing for the establishment of the GCC electric network so that wount be much of an issue (let me remind you of the German - Dutch scenario)
- water you think that is a long term issue when deslaination can be built specificaly for the usage of this new city.

as for simple prestige man! whats wrong with it nowa days its prestige for the Dubai it marketed its name based on ultra magnificent buildings, now its tim for kuwait to take a little of the share, to take a little pride initself and embark on projects such as silk city, this is truely an amazing project, what with the counstruction of silk city a new singpor in the region an alternative to your (NOT so traditional markets of manama and dubai), a returen to Kuwaits original statues WHY not Mohammad
Just stop being negative and be supportive fopr goodness sakes we need to get are reputation back, and KEEEEEEEP INVESTMENT IN THE COUNTRY!
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Not only that q8 shaggy but the whole world is moving towards the solar opption, its natural, that a country like kuwait would consider the opption, thier are many ways of diversifing, electric and water potential, i belive thier is anew form of technology reverse osmosis creating water from humidified air particals, belive it or not this is very sucessful, on the other hand california is building the worlds largest solar power palnt to supply collosal amounts of electricity to various cities let alone districts!
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