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Everyone I know has cut back on driving. I only wish I lived in a city where I could rely on public transportation.

Instead I trade time back and forth between one city where public transportation is virtually useless (buses in Huntsville run once an hour and quit running at 6 PM), and another city that has a cute little trolley downtown that's good for getting you from point A to point B in the downtown area, but outside of that, the buses aren't terribly reliable. They run a lot later in Birmingham than they do in Huntsville (10 PM, not to mention they run on the weekends), but they still have a long way to go.

Truthfully, Birmingham is getting to the point to where it could use a LRT system (just one line running from downtown down 280 to Shelby County would do), but I know that won't happen. The bus system has to be expanded and revamped first.

So a car is basically the only way I can get around, and this is a sad reality for many, if not most, Americans. I'd love to be able to take reliable, safe (that's another thing that Birmingham's buses are not - safe) public transportation to and from work and/or school, but it's just not happening where I'm at. Gas prices are just beginning to hit $3/gallon where I'm at (I paid $2.91 two days ago), so compared to the rest of the nation, we're cheap from what I understand, but it's still too damn much.

I really think the oil companies are artificially inflating the price of gasoline by artificially reducing the supply - i.e. they're not supplying as much oil as they could, just enough to keep us junkies coming back for more.........

I can't wait til the day when alternative fuel sources that are feasible for use are found, become mainstream, and oil companies begin to lose all of their money and die. Oh happy day!
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