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Yesterday I went to South Park to check on the constructions. I was impressed at seeing how some really took off at a fast paste. I hadn't been there since the autoshow and everything is way more better now. I'll start now.

Luma; no work yesterday, the tower is working on its 6th floor. There's still to be work on the part were it connects with Elleven.

Evo; the fundations are somewhat 3 to 5 floors deep. If you ask me, I'll say that the fundations are finished. Iwould expect to see a crane there late this month or early next month.

Elleven; it looks ready on the outside, with work inside, looking nice.

Glass Tower; I guess it's still proposed not u/c, only saw the sing with a small rendering.

Ralphs; I'll say this is the most impressive. It is in its 5th floor, working at a fast pace compared to other times.

Met Lofts; lost of people moving in.

Hanover Tower; it is half way on the first floor. The crane towering nice over the site, moving at the spedd of light.

LA Live; just amazing. They were actually working yesterday. The yellow crane was working, but not the white one. I'll say about 30 truck down there. The Nokia Theatre is clearly visible from the street now. The part were the hotel is supposed to go, but now is a pile of dirt, is getting smaller. It will geet another crane close to where the white one is now at.

Concerto; the site is fenced off as said here. Not a lot going on.

That's it.
P.S I took thirty or so pics, sorry can't post them.

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Yeah I was in the area aswell recently, lots happening more cranes then I expected at LA live. Ralphs is speeding up but no facade yet, some renderings show it white and others show it greyish so maybe in the next few months we'll know.
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