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Dubai Balloon Festival

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Dubai Balloon Festival LLC appoints Venture Communications to handle their communications services

Dubai Balloon Festival (DBF) LLC formally named Venture Communications FZ-LLC, an Independent Dubai-based agency group, as its official advertising and Public Relations agency.

Mohammed Khammas, CEO of DBF and Al Ahli Group, congratulates Gaby Chamat, CEO and Managing Partner of Venture Communications, after signing the agreement.

Mohammed Khammas, CEO of DBF and Al Ahli Group, signed the contract agreement with Gaby Chamat, CEO and Managing Partner of Venture Communications.

DBF are the hosts for the upcoming International Balloon Festival to be held over two weekends in December. The festival will involve 100 hot air balloons and pilots who will display their ballooning skills and entertain the audience. Following its start this year, the festival will become an annual event in Dubai for the next 10 years.

Announcing the agreement, Chamat said, 'We are very pleased to handle all advertising and PR communications for DBF. The company is instrumental in bringing the International Balloon Festival to Dubai and they are confident in the strength of our communications strategies. Together, we look forward to providing complete and wholesome family-oriented entertainment in Dubai and the UAE.'

Initiated by the joint venture of Al Ahli Group and funded by the $2.5 billion (AED 9.2 billion) ETA-ASCON Group, the Balloon Festival is being brought to the UAE by DBF. Organising the event is a team of professionals from the Albuquerque International Balloon Fiesta, Albuquerque, New Mexico, USA.

ETA-ASCON is a multi-dimensional, vastly diversified organisation based in Dubai, with a network encompassing 23 branch and associate offices across the globe and over 40,000 employees. The Group has interests in areas such as construction, engineering and maintenance, automobiles, manufacturing, bulk commodity trading and shipping, fashion, consumer products, and retail and industrial products.

The Al Ahli Group is a multidisciplinary national company, founded in 1970 and has a diverse portfolio of activities ranging from real estate to construction, engineering, plastic manufacturing and, strategic and innovative developments. These developments include the Dubai Outlet City and Events Investments that promote and elevate the level of entertainment and tourism services in the UAE.

The city of Albuquerque, USA, has been holding the International Balloon Fiesta for over 34 years. The largest of its kind in the world and a must-attend event on the schedules of serious balloonists worldwide, it provides plenty of opportunities for balloon novices to experience the thrill and the grace of hot air ballooning.

The DBF-hosted event will commence in the Dubai Outlet City (DOC) in Dubailand and over two weekends the public will be treated to the wonderful sight of gigantic balloons soaring into the blue skies. In addition, the audience will be entertained by concerts, acrobats, games and entertainment for families and youngsters, photo contests, music, food and beverage outlets, and other delightful events.
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sO atleast all those renders with hot air balloons in the background will become reality.:D

^^ Just what we DON'T need right now, MORE TROLLS
ok is it me or is dubai jus comin out with more and more ridiculous stuff?!!
what so ridiculous abt this ..balloon festival....its amazing .....
It's just you Zeeshanny, the one coming out with more and more ridiculous stuff.
zeeshanney said:
ok is it me or is dubai jus comin out with more and more ridiculous stuff?!!

well in this site its anything BUT DUBAI :runaway:
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