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I think this is version 2.14.2 now. :D

This really took ages. About 3 hours. Thee whole thing looks better now :D

Dubai projects Mega thread


SZR Area

Burj Dubai complex: :D:drool:

Main renders:

Massive renders:


Burj Dubai 160F Burj Residences 24-41F

The Lofts 27-30F [url=]Burj Views ?F

Lake Hotel
[url=]South Ridge ?F

8 Boulevard Walk 36F

Business Bay:
:eek::eek: :cheers:

Main renders:



The Citadel 50F Churchill Residency 61F


The Conclave 26F The Court 31F

[/URL]The Forum 35F Churchill Executive 40F

Al Manara 30F The Exchange 29F

Elite Tower 20F The Bay Gate 40F

Executive Towers 27-54F

Dubai International Financial Centre:
:D :cheers:

Main renders:



One Central Park 80F


The Hexagon 62F Buildings by Daman 58F

Providence Tower 54F


EF Towers 30F Sky Gardens 39F

Park Towers 30F Liberty House 42F


Ritz Carlton 15F The Gate 15F



SZR Towers


Al Attar Tower 70F Emirates Hotel 70F

Al Sharq 76F Al Durrah 78F

Rose Rotana 72F


Khalid al Attar Tower 61F Chelsea Tower 49F

Mercure Grand Hotel 62F Park Place 56F

Bright Start Tower 59F Damas Tower 50F

Unnamed 60F Nikko Hotel 55-60F


Liberty Tower 34F World Trade Residence 28F

Unnamed 45F Etisalat Tower 33F

Capital Towers 34-40F Salman Tower 31F

Al Manara Tower 36F Falcon Tower 41F

Nuami Tower 40F Golden Sands 42F


Al Murooj Complex 12-14F

Park Square

Zabeel Park + Mall


Dubailand :D:D

MASSIVE Masterplan:


Al Emarat Sports world

Aqua Dunya :D

City of Arabia :D




G-Tower 45F I&M Tower 45F

Park Inn 45F Arabian Crowne 45F

Unnamed 45F


The Windsor 41F Wadi Tower 35F

Equestrian Club

Falcon City

Golf City :eek:kay:

Legends Dubai :D:eek:kay::D


Other Renders

Outlet Mall

Sports City :eek:


A little something from the Dubai forumers ;)



Shami Tower 16F Westgate Appartments 15-18F

Champions tower 15F Eden Gardens 25F

The Cube 24F Amna Tower 21F

Rufi Twins 16F Tamerat Tower 23F

Olympia Suites 25F Oasis Tower 16F

Red Residence

Sunny Mountain Skidome

Dino park

The Villa

Film City

Al Barari

Women's World

Dubai Bazaar

Global Village

Heritage Vision :eek:kay:

Aqua Dubai

Astrolab Resort


Marina Area

Jumeirah Lake Towers :eek:kay:




Almas Tower 64F




Lake Shore 45F Vue du Lac 40F

Al Waleed 35F Armada Towers 30F

AU Gold Tower 40F Bonnington Tower 40F

Concorde Tower 45F Dubai Arch 40F

Dubai Star 45F AG Tower 35F

Executive Tower 40F Falcon Tower 40F

Flamingo Tower 40F Fortune Executive 35F

Fortune Tower 40F Global Lake View 34F

Goldcrest Executive 40F Goldcrest Views 40F

Goldcrest Views2 39F Green Lakes 40+35+35

Indigo Icon 35F Indigo Tower 35F

Laguna Tower 40F Lake City 36F

Lake Point1 45F Lake Terrace 40F

Lake View 40F LIWA Heights 40F

Madina Tower 34F Mag 214 39F

Manchester Plaza 38F Manchester Star Tower 39F

New Dubai Gate 40F One lake Plaza 40F

Pacific Tower 40F Saba Tower 1 35F

Saba Twins 36F Seef Twins 35F

Tamweel Tower 35F Icon Towers 40F

The Palladium 40F Wind Towers 37F

V3 Tower 39F HDS Tower 41F

Tiffany Towers 41F:hahaha: O2 Residence 40F

Al Shera 40F

Swiss Towers 40F Baraq Tower ?F

Business Centre1 44F Business Centre2 44F

Unnamed Nakheel Tower

New Dubai Gate3 ?F

Vista Delargo ?F

Mercure Grand Hotel2 35F

Dubai Marina :eek:kay:




Princess Tower 107F


23 Marina 90F Marina Gardens 75F

Najd Tower 82F Ocean Heights 82F

Infinity Tower 73F The Torch 80F


Mag 218 66F Grosvenor House 45F

Marina Heights 54F Trident Grand 45F

Al Seef 45F Marina Crown 53F

Marina Pinnacle 67F No1 Dubai Marina 50F

Al Fattan 51F Horizon Tower 45F

Le Reve 50F Marina Crown 53F

Al Marsa 59F


Alareifi Marina 32F Iris Blue 35F

Al Majara 10-35F Arshia Marina 31F

Dreams 29F Manchester Tower 31F

Marina Mansions 30F Marina Quays 9-35F

Marina Tower 33F Marinascape 26-34F

Habtoor Grand 18-24F 2N Tower 32F

Roshana Tower 35F The Waves 10-27F

Time Place 35F Miramar 28F

Marina Terrace 38F La Riviera 37F

Oryz Tower ?F


Panoramic 8F Ary Marina Piers 19F

Ary Marina View 9F Azure 5F

KG Tower 20F Residencia del Mar 15F

Marina Diamond 15-20F Marina Diamond 15-20F

Marina Diamond 15-20F Marina Diamond 15-20F

Marina Residence 17F Marina Sail 24F

Marina View Towers 12-24F The Waterfront 20F

The Lighthouse 15F The Jewels 20F

The Cascades 17F The Belvedere 5F

Supreme Tower 16F Bayside Residence 22F

Yacht Bay 18F Park Island 24-28F

Casa del Mar/Sol 15-30F Gargash Tower 23F

The Atlantic 20F Dec Towers 21-25F

Emerald Residence 8F Marina Suites 16F

Marina Pearl 5F Westside 7F

Lootah Complex 8F Supreme Residency 16F

Unnamed 16F Pacific Tower 27F

Jumeirah Beach Residence (around 40 towers)

Media cities:

Internet city


Fraser suites 44F Unnamed 27+34F

Unnamed tower 45F Al Ghaith tower 30F [img=]


Towers 14F

River Walk

Media city


Shangri -la Al Salam Tecom 46F

Unnamed 46F Shathra Tower 41F

Al Yassat Executive Heights 25F

Dalma Tower
Thuraya tower 30F

Buhaleebah Tower 28F Unnamed 40F

Ary Digital 45F


Mazoon House 15F Unnamed 15F

Unnamed 22F Unnamed 15F

Riad Tawfik Tower 25F Unnamed 12F

Two Twins 25F The Icon 14F

Unnamed 13F Unnamed 15F

Bin Farden Residence 12F

Dubai Pearl

Jumeirah Islands:

Jumeirah Village


Other Renders:

Jumeirah Golf Estates

IBN Batutta Mall

Lost City


Offshore Projects

Palm Jumeirah :D



Trump Hotel and Tower 38F Radisson Sas Hotel 16F

The Golden Mile 5F Oceana and Jewel 13F

Fairmont Residence 12F Atlantis Hotel 23F

Shoreline Appartments Emerald Palace Hotel

Habtoor Grand Hotel ?F

Unnamed Hotel


Palm Jebel Ali :D



Palm Springs 19F The Avenue 20F

Water Homes:

Palm Deira :puke:

The World :i

Oquiana :)

The Waterfront :eek:mg: :eek:kay:


Madinat Al Arab

Al Burj 200F?

Other areas


Other Projects

Festival City :)


Other renders:



4 Seasons Hotel ?F


Festival Tower 29F Crowne plaza hotel 18F

Intercontinental Hotel 35F

Airport City:

Dubai Logistics city

Exhibition city

Mall Of the Emirates: :D

Sheikh Zayed University :D:eek:kay:

Maritime City

Khan Murjan Souk

International City



Garden View 15F Dana Tower 11F

Lady Ratan Manor 11F Vancouver Tower 14F

Riviera Lake View 11F Global Point 22F

Silver Sands Tower 16F Global Palm View 15F

Industrial City


Healthcare City

Flower Centre

Dubai Metro :eek:kay::eek:kay::cheers:

Dubai Aid and Humanitarian Cities :cheers:

Discovery Gardens

Bur Juman mall expansion

Biotech research park :eek:

Autodrome and Business Park


Arabian Ranches

Dubai Lagoon


Airport expansion

A big bus station

New Dubai Zoo

Emirates jet engine test facility

Al Safa Project

Silicon Oasis




Technology tower 19F Silicon Boulevard 15F

Silicon Gates 23F Le Solarium 15F

Headquarters 15F The Springs 26F

IT Plaza 15F Arabian Heights 15F

International Media Production Zone



Unnamed 64F tower

Lago Vista ?F The Centrium 29F


Fortune Serene 16F The Crecent 15F

Alexander Tower 15F


A Shit load of roads!!

Random Towers across the city

The Links 34F Bank Saderat 11F

Al Mankhool Tower 28F Fairways Residence 30-35F

Golf Towers 30F Khalid al Ghurair 13F

Al Meraikhi 20F Unnamed 20F

Ducto Headquarters 12F Emirates HQ 9F

Al Ghazal Complex 20F Al Rostamani 15F

Bin Haider Tower 9F Unnamed 12F

Al Rifaa 23F Manazel 23-27F

Unnamed 29F DCCI Tower ?F

Raffles Hotel 13F H.City Hotel + Residence 30-40F

Sky Gardens 23F Villa Rotana 5F

Business Village 10F London Crown Tower 27F

Al Shahd Tower 16F LOB Twins, 28F

Wahabi building 13F

Unnamed 13F


Loads of random proposals (some will probably be built, some will obviously not)

My favourite, Sun Tower by SOM:




Park Square Tower, 140F








A Closer look at the tallest of the lot :)

Towers that are definitely supertall

Burj Dubai, U/C, 160F , over 705m, 2009/2010 (can't see it finished in 2008)
Rating: 9.5/10

Al Burj, Proposed/Approved?, ?, over 700m?, 2012/2013? (can't see it finished before then
Rating: 6.5/10
Chances of getting built: 9/10 for Nakheel building a 300m+, 2/10 for having the same floor count as in the render.

Princess Tower, U/C, 107F, 400m+, 2008/2009
Rating: 6/10

DOS Architects Tower, Proposed, 93F, ?m, ?
Rating: I honestly have no idea what to think of this
Chances of getting built: 2/10

23 Marina, UC/Approved?, 90F, 380m, 2008
Rating: 7/10
Chances of getting built: 9/10

Emirates Towers, Built, 54/56F, 309/355m
Rating: 9.5/10

DWTC landmark Tower, ?F, ?m
Rating: 8.5/10

Emirates Hotel, Approved, 70F, 350m, 2010?
Rating: 7/10
Chances of getting built: 8/10

Almas Tower, U/C, 65F, 350m, 2008/2009
Rating: 8.5/10

Torch Tower, Approved, 80F, 345m, 2008
Rating: 6.5/10
Chances of getting built: 9/10

Unnamed 3 Tower Complex, Proposed, 85/75/65F, 340/300/280m, ?
Rating: 9/10
Chances of getting built: 6/10

Najd Tower, U/C, 82F, ?m, 2008/2009
Rating: 7/10

Abbco Rotana Hotel, U/C, 72F, 333m, 2007
Rating: 7.5/10

Infinity tower, Approved, 80F, 330m, 2008/2009?
Chances of getting built: 9/10

Al Durrah 2, Proposed, 78F, 330m, 2010? (construction starts in 2007)
Rating: 8.5/10
Chances of getting built: 3/10

One Central Park, Proposed/Approved?, 80F, 328m, 2009/2010?
Rating: 7/10
Chances of getting built: 7/10

Burj Al Arab, Built, 50F, 321m
Rating: 9/10

4 Seasons Hotel, Approved, ?F, 320m
Rating: ?
No render yet

Ocean Heights, UC/Approved?, 82F, 310m, 2008/2009? (starts next year)
Rating: 9/10

Al Sharq Tower, Approved, 76F, ?m, 2009/2010?
Rating: 9.5/10
Chances of getting built: 8/10

Ahmed Abdul Rahim Al Attar Tower, U/C, 70F, 301m, 2007/2008
Rating: 6.5/10

Burj Dubai Lake Hotel, Approved, 63F, 300m, 2008/2009
Rating: 9/10

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How long did this take you? I can only imagine what would have happened if you didn't use thumbnails.

Some nice projects going on, although they need to be as creative with names as they are with buildings :)

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thnks dude,this really helps i always seem to forget some project but thanks to this i wont forget.....i would of been even better if you could split up some projects into different post,so that you don't have to wait some long to view.

Under the Burj
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F**k me, even im impressed. i knew about all the projects, but its quite different when you see them all listed together!

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It took about 3 and a half hours. I started last weekend, did nothing during the week as I was busy with loads of other stuff. Then I finished it today.

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nice pics but why half of them are only thumbnails witout any hyperlink to a bigger image. i can barley see'em!!!!!!!

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Wtf... :hahaha: :rofl:

Dubai Cracks me up,

If Dubai was a person he would be 21 yrs of age, A Multi Billionaire, Have Angelina Jolie as his Sex slave, and would probably walk around public with his pants down cause he wont really give a F**k about anything.

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michal-skoczen said:
nice pics but why half of them are only thumbnails witout any hyperlink to a bigger image. i can barley see'em!!!!!!!
The ones that don't have writing underneath them aren't thumbnails

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DUBAI said:
Let’s make a deal you provide me with a ticket to dubai+ accommodation and I can f*** :lol: (joking) will do any thing to visit dubai:D:D:D

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great malec.
as i said in UAE forum please change these things if you find time:

remove one al salam tecom render.
and maybe you can thumbnail all the pictures, some are not,that doesn't look good.
also include websites, at least the main ones like

you could also add a picture of the finished the gate and we have better renders of JBR in its world forums thread.

also dubai pearl is worth an own "section" with more renders, it is not really part of media city.

maybe you could also include heights of all the towers by using this thread:

btw this is also a quite interesting thread it shows all towers UC and approved in dubai.

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there are various towers missing
also make sure to check the non-working pics

on the first view i can say you forgot:
sheffield office tower, hds tower, v3 tower, O2 residence for jumeirah lake towers

marina diamond 5+6 in dubai marina

lol, what makes the list even smaller is that we have many complexes consisting of several towers

good work! :eek:kay:

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Great work Malec. I actually saw something new, "Oquiana" :D.

Anyhow, maybe should make a list with the superlatives of Dubai:

- The worlds tallest building
- Worlds tallest all hotel building
- Worlds tallest all residental building
- Worlds largest shopping center
- Worlds largest amusement park
- Worlds biggest artificial islands including; 3 palmshaped islands, the world, the waterfront, Oquiana, and more?
- Underwaterhotel (There is one partially underwater in Florida if i remember correctly, however the one in Dubai is getting larger)
- Modern metrosystem (is it maglev, anyone?)
- Skiing dome (worlds largest indoor skiing facility?)
- Worlds longest skybridge


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dubaiflo said:
and please make that stupid marina diamond a thumbnail :bash:

also the al marsa tower, arshia marina, and wind tower.
With imageshack if the image is small there won't be any thumbnail available. That's why some of them are not. For version 1.2 I'll add those towers and maybe give more importance to supertalls.

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malec i believe that you should get paid for your work ,dont you think so :2cents: :2cents:
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