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DUBAI | DAMAC Residenze | 335m | 1099ft | 88 fl | Com

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Project: DAMAC Heights
Developer: DAMAC
Location: Dubai Marina, Dubai
Floor Count: 90
Type: Residential
Height: 460m
Architecture: Aedas
Status: Approved
Construction Start: ?
Construction End: ?
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^^ Come on Chad, be realistic for a moment. The completition date, as per our estimates, it will be in 2050. :yes:

The first design that was advertised on the site back in February 2006 but quickly removed after we exploded the news in the UAE forum :D

^^ You're actually right. :cheers:
On (under projects / middle east & africa / residential) they still say 105F 460 meters and the design is slightly different, so I think the height should be different, but propably still above the 400 meters mark.
Come on the UAE forum and we can discuss it in there. :hilarious
I'm with Damac Properties, if anyone interested in Purchasing Apt in this building or need information please feel free to contact me, and leave contact detaisl so I can get in touch with you. Discounts are still given only for 72 hrs after the launch.

Truely a Mangnifisient Scraper!
Malec: I'm guilty of being totally sceptical when you first said you'll try sketchup.

So :cheers: for proving me wrong.
^^ That's true, however in this case they can't start work before Infinity tower on the adjacent site has reached the ground level but considering that 10 months after the flooding accident they (@ Infinity) haven't been able to stop the water penetrating the site yet, none knows when this building can start even if Damac will be ready to do it.
^^ You are completely wrong, in every sentence of your post.
^^ That should be about right i believe.
Dec 8th - Public Holiday

^^ No, the project is still on hold, if not canceled altogether.
^^ That's not a piling mashine, that's a digger for the perimeter wall.
^^ I'm talking about the same mashine. At the moment that mashine is configured as a digger not a driller.
No way that design has only 40 floors. It may be shorter then the previous design, from which it evolved, but it's still certanly a supertall.
40 floors only ...
^^ That's the 5 floors reduction from 90 to 85 :D
We are all talking out of our behinds here. :)
1 - 19 of 142 Posts
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