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DUBAI | DAMAC Residenze | 335m | 1099ft | 88 fl | Com

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Project: DAMAC Heights
Developer: DAMAC
Location: Dubai Marina, Dubai
Floor Count: 90
Type: Residential
Height: 460m
Architecture: Aedas
Status: Approved
Construction Start: ?
Construction End: ?
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Will be a fanastic tower if they get it up

and the top section and the curve of the tower will probably turn out very well

and we also know that Damac can pull it off ocean heights is a good testimony design and architectural wise

only thing that bugs me about the tower is that its too close to the iconic Infinity tower. wich looks outstanding now with good breathing space on the sides

because this took so long to really get rolling they should hawe moved it over to the big empty plot behind The marriot hotel and Crown of the emirates, also known as the former marina sky towers site.
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Im pretty shure Damac wich owns the Damac heights project and plot for the damac heights and Emaar who did the master planning for the whole marina, could hawe found a solution with the owners of the other plot where nothing really has happened at all for many years now.

In my mind that would hawe been a very good solution if they could hawe pulled it off.
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its an amazing tower, but i still thinks it dont fit that well with the other`s tho
Thats wicked indeed.

It will be a beautiful tower when completed.

Still kinda feel that its to close to the World class Infinity tower tho
Really starting to look very good with the cladding and such now.

and i still dont toally like that it is so close to the Infiniti tower. but then again its bringing out the angles of the Infinity tower more.
Yeah remember Imre with his wonderful updates almost everyday. I wonder what happened to him? Did he quit?
Here is his Flickr archive
I love the D in the crown, and hopefully it will appear in movies as some supervillain's lair!

Yeah that would be really cool :D The Tower turned out rly good. and the facade is good quality and almost all glass will look even better when cleaned.
1 - 7 of 1815 Posts
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