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DUBAI | DAMAC Residenze | 335m | 1099ft | 88 fl | Com

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Project: DAMAC Heights
Developer: DAMAC
Location: Dubai Marina, Dubai
Floor Count: 90
Type: Residential
Height: 460m
Architecture: Aedas
Status: Approved
Construction Start: ?
Construction End: ?
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They are still exposing the piles, breaking their tops, preparing the rebar and levelling the ground around them, in anticipation for the rebar cage that would form the base of the raft.

I think some pics were posted lately on the UAE forum
Here the latest pic from May 21st

The excavation is at its deepest now.
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Nah, it never goes that deep. With the high underground water table, it will be un-economical. That's why all the towers here have half the parking floors underground, and half on the podium above ground.
Yeah, it's a big "block"
And so it starts! :cheers:

ARABTEC has started the construction phase on the $138m residential Damac Heights development in the Dubai Marina.

The 420m-tall, 85-storey Damac Heights tower will consist of one, two and three bedroom apartments, as well as duplexes and penthouses. The project will include a temperature controlled swimming pool, gymnasium, nursery, sauna, steam room and spa facilities.
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^^ Yes the labour costs are lower here, and yes there's confusion. $138M is NOT the total cost of the building, it's only the value of the contract to build the superstructure and glaze it. Design package is different, and so is project managment, site enaimbling and piling, MEP work, interiour fittings, lifts sup!ying and instalation, and so on ...
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nice guy... who is ??
Not Imre, probably one of the enginers of Zetas Foundations, the Turkish piling contractor.
its rising
Yes ... the temperature. :D
is that all you do is writte useless comments everywhere you can?
Maybe 100 is the total number of levels, including the underground ones, maybe's the total of the ground and above ones. Maybe 85 is the total number of floors, or maybe only of the residential ones.

Maybe some structural drawings will surface at one point.
It's not on hold and Arabtec (the main contractor) is there. Is just that this phase can be slow in the begining.
^^ Begining of the 'laying of the rebar and preparing for the raft's concrete pouring' phase. :tongue3:
^^ In my books it should have been reached by early 2006.
^^ You can't just move to someone elses property.
Damac representative told me it will have 85+G floors now.
5B + G + 5P + 81 = 87 floors actually, as shown on this official RERA presentation:
... what is the condition of the other towers like princess towers or marina 101?
They are not at the water edge. Their sites needed dewatering too during the construction process, but beeing far from the Marina canal, there was never a danger of site flooding there.
looks funny. :hahano:
what happened? :?
They flooded it themselves to avoid the collapse of the wall, which would have been a major incident, as in the case of the tower nextdoor.
Here's whats happen when you trying to speak about things you don't know/understand ... what 'supports', and what those 'supports' (whatever they are you are referring them as) have to do with anything?
Damn that sucks. But I assume workers are on-site trying to effect repairs right?
Yes they are.
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