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DUBAI | DAMAC Residenze | 335m | 1099ft | 88 fl | Com

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Project: DAMAC Heights
Developer: DAMAC
Location: Dubai Marina, Dubai
Floor Count: 90
Type: Residential
Height: 460m
Architecture: Aedas
Status: Approved
Construction Start: ?
Construction End: ?
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Densetsu, think first before posting, the plot behind infinity tower is for DAMACH Heights Tower
so i need to be edited :D
Densetsu, think first before posting, the plot behind infinity tower is for DAMACH Heights Tower
It seems preparations are well underway then.
^^ There's nothing happening. It's being used for stuff for infinity tower
after the infinity gets underway so will DAMAC Heights..will to..for now there is some special work to be done for Infinity
what they are doing ? i dont get it .
what they are doing ? i dont get it .
Nothing yet, apparently. Except for letting the Infinity Tower project lease/use the plot :) .
Are these bars actually rebars?

I've seen many towers in dubai getting approved, but this is so thin, how can they make it so small?
no its bracing for the shoring walls
We won't see anything till another year has gone!!
^^ that if everything went fine!!!
Its a long wait for sure!:lol:
updates? photos?
you wouldn't see any progress because the tower is not UC ^^
Why are these projects slowing down so much?? This is disturbing.
Why are these projects slowing down so much?? This is disturbing.
:eek:hno: How can a project slow down before it has even started? :bash:
We have to wait till Infinity Tower is out of ground !! Than something should happen....
Wow, I really like the looks of this. I am growing more fond of Dubai's architectural style every time I see it.
New Corporate Identity for DAMAC Properties Marks a Significant Step Forward

New Corporate Identity for DAMAC Properties Marks a Significant Step Forward

‘Damac fulfils wishes and enables aspirations’

DAMAC Properties – the luxury lifestyle provider and the region’s leading private sector master developer, today unveiled its new corporate identity – with a brand promise of ‘Wish Fulfilment’ – as a testimony of its move from features of luxury to a unique focus on the benefits of luxury. ‘Wish fulfilment’ extends the equity that DAMAC Properties has built behind the current
An international customer research programme assessed that DAMAC has perceived strengths in luxurious developments, high quality construction and great places to live. ‘Wish fulfilment’ not only recommits to DAMAC’s core strengths but it also stakes out a luxury based position that is differentiating.

The new brand promise for the organisation elevates the brand from being about luxury to being driven by a higher purpose – to enable the aspirational luxury dream. The new corporate identity mirrors a new vision for DAMAC Properties and is designed to reflect a new age in the history of the developer and the global property industry.

The new DAMAC wordmark and identity symbolise reflective luxury -- a symbol of DAMAC reflecting the desires and wishes of its customers. The stylised alphabets create a distinct look while the forward tilt of the alphabets symbolises the operational, enterprising and advancing capabilities of DAMAC.

Speaking about the new identity, Hussain Sajwani, Chairman of DAMAC Holding, said: “DAMAC Properties embarked on a journey in 2002, and today we are one of the largest private property developers in the region. The DAMAC Properties brand enjoys a premium over our competitors due to the luxury and quality we offer. Our goal is to become the world leader in the global luxury segment. Luxury has played an inevitable role in our business and it is imperative that we strengthen our offering further. Today, many competitors offer luxury as a feature. In order to distinguish and sustain our competitive edge over others, we have introduced our new brand promise that focuses on the benefits of luxury, and at the same time fulfilling the wishes of our customers.”

He added: “Our aim is to turn our customers’ wishes into reality and help facilitate their aspirations. We aspire to further strengthen this emotional relationship between the brand, its employees, its stakeholders and its customers.”

Commenting on the new brand, Peter Riddoch, CEO of DAMAC Properties, said: “We at DAMAC Properties are expanding aggressively into new markets and are growing at a very fast pace. We are associated with luxurious high quality construction and unique properties. Our new corporate identity is a significant step forward and the beginning of a new journey which will lead us to the top.”

“A company’s corporate identity is 20% visual and 80% behavioural. Today, we are also introducing our 4 new core values for our organisation: enterprising, responsiveness, tenacity and premium. We believe in living these core values as it will be very important for us to deliver our brand promise. This will be evident in all our projects, right from its inception to delivery,” added Peter Riddoch.

2008 has been a year of delivery for us with the hand over of 572 units in Lake Terrace in May, Executive Heights next month and Lake View and the Crescent later this year. In total we will deliver over 2300 units in 2008, followed by an additional 7100 units in 2009/10.

DAMAC Properties is rolling out the new identity globally and is hosting employee and media events across the Middle East and Europe.

The company’s website will go live with the new brand identity on September 1st.

Today, DAMAC Properties has over 670 million square feet of luxury under development, in 8 counties with over 18,000 customers from 120 nationalities. DAMAC Properties has expanded into Malaysia and Erbill with the announcement of new projects earlier this year.

© 2008 Al Bawaba (
101 - 120 of 1815 Posts
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