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DUBAI | DAMAC Residenze | 335m | 1099ft | 88 fl | Com

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Project: DAMAC Heights
Developer: DAMAC
Location: Dubai Marina, Dubai
Floor Count: 90
Type: Residential
Height: 460m
Architecture: Aedas
Status: Approved
Construction Start: ?
Construction End: ?
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The difference I see is that the crown doesn't blend with the rest of the facade like in the render. The only thing I don't like is the D in front of the crown.
I'm loving the top!
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Overall, not as good as the renders :eek:hno:

well in that render even the trees are much greener that what they are in reality

and on top of being greener , they are FAKE !!!

Indeed, it's only palm trees at this location on the promenade ;)

so then it's hard to expect everything else to be conform to the concept design
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For sure the best supertall in marina!
Sign of the end of times when City of the future likes a supertall in marina :lol:
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Knife of Dubai :laugh:
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The top does certainly lack in finesse. Pity as it is one of the more prominent towers here. Dubai cannot always get it right.
So, I will admit, I am not too bothered by the D on the top of the tower. That being said... the "Damac" located lower down is terrible. The rather stunning form of the tower is completely broken up by it. That combined with the materials makes this tower a complete disappointment, especially after waiting years to see it done.
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1781 - 1800 of 1815 Posts
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