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Hi, another project by them, but they just ripped the name from one of Bahrain's projects, we need more creativity in names. Anyways, enjoy:

Dubai Holding chief executive officer Mohammed Al Gergawi has announced the launch of 'Amwaj' project, to be built in Rabat with an estimated budget of over $2 billion.

The project will be implemented by Dubai International Properties, a member of Dubai Holding, in collaboration with Caisse de Depot et de Gestion and SABR Management.

"This project aims at putting the Moroccan capital on the map as one of the most important Mediterranean cities," said Mohammed Al Gergawi.

The project comprises thousands of apartments of different designs and styles and 200 sq mt of office space with state-of-the-art facilities.

The project will include hundreds of shops for commercial purposes which will be spread on an area of 100,000 sq mt besides including malls, parks, theatres and landscaped areas.

Dubai International Properties will apply a unique architectural design to the project that will combine Moroccan heritage and engineering with modern concepts and creativity.

Dubai International Properties CEO Farhan Faraidooni said the project also has a unique architectural design and offers comprehensive facilities and services.

At a Press conference held in Rabat to announce the launch of the project which is the largest of its kind in North Africa, Mohammed Al Gergawi added: "The launch of this project demonstrates our confidence in the future of the Moroccan economy.

"We take this opportunity to thank His Majesty King Mohammed VI, King of Morocco and the Moroccan Government for their support and hospitality, which reflects their keenness to foster dialogue and collaboration between the UAE and the Kingdom of Morocco."

Al Gergawi added: "This project was launched by the directives of General Shaikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Crown Prince of Dubai and UAE Minister of Defence who firmly believes in the importance of having strong ties between the UAE and the Kingdom of Morocco as well as with other Arab countries."

Al Gergawi said: "This project is a realization of the vision of the two countries and reflects the strong bond between the UAE and the Kingdom of Morocco in several areas including diplomacy and economy.

"It is also the outcome of the visit of His Majesty the King to the UAE recently and the visit of the Dubai Crown Prince to Morocco a few months ago."

He said: "The collaboration between Dubai International Properties and Caisse de Depot et de Gestion and SABR Management will strengthen the relationship between both countries and will help in the successful implementation of an extraordinary project as the two companies are the leading companies in Morocco and have outstanding resources.

"We look forward to the successful implementation of this project as it will mark the beginning of a long and fruitful relationship between us."

Commenting on the objectives of the project, Al Gergawi said: "Amwaj will be one of the main projects under 'Bouregreg' project.

"This project aims at putting the Moroccan capital on the map as one of the most important Mediterranean cities. The project will boost the commerce and tourism sectors in the city."

The CEO of Dubai Holding added: "Located on 100 hectares of land, Amwaj will include components that will make the Bouregreg area an attractive tourist destination.

" It will feature a harbour for yachts, five star hotels and resorts and a convention centre to host international events and conferences."

Al Gergawi said: "Amwaj will be the first project to be implemented under the 'Bouregreg' project, for which the King gave directives for planning at this exceptional site of the valley - a planning that respects the historically rich Capital of the Kingdom and its rare and prestigious character among the Mediterranean region.

"This will help transform its river banks to a prestigious social centre as well as create more job opportunities and boost economic development."

Farhan Faraidooni said: "Amwaj project is at the core 'Bouregreg' development project. It has a central position with respect to other projects that are part of the master plan because of its strategic position."

He stressed that Amwaj will be a comprehensive city that will offer all modern lifestyle amenities and will enhance the beauty and magic of the Bouregreg river banks. It will form an ideal destination for tourism and leisure.

Faraidooni said that the signing of this agreement between Dubai International Properties and Caisse de Depot et de Gestion and SABR Management came after extensive talks over the last few months.

The delegation from UAE met a number of senior Moroccan officials to discuss the cooperation between Dubai International Properties and a number of leading establishments within the Moroccan private and public sectors.

This was followed by signing an agreement to carry out the First Phase of Bouregreg project under which Dubai International Properties will execute the Amwaj project.

The Press conference to announce the project was attended by Hamad Bu Shahab, Ambassador of UAE in Morocco; Ahmad bin Byat, director-general, Dubai Technology and Media Free Zone Authority; Saeed Muntafiq, director-general, Dubai Development and Investment Authority; Hashim Al Dabal, CEO of Dubai Properties and the delegation from Dubai International Properties.

Morocco was among the first countries chosen by Dubai Holding to undertake such a project as it has good potential for growth.

The Kingdom is also known for its attractive policies for investment. The increasing importance of the Moroccan market and surrounding markets in the North of the Mediterranean and Middle of Africa makes it an ideal for implementing major projects in various sectors including IT, property development and the hospitality sector.

Amwaj project is one of the first projects undertaken by Dubai International Properties as it is the third project that the company has announced in less than 5 months since its launch.

Dubai International Properties announced a large real estate project in Doha, Dubai Towers - Doha at a cost of Dh1 billion which will include offices, shopping malls, apartments and a five star hotel. Dubai International Properties also signed an agreement last February with Omani Government to develop a Dh3 billion tourism resort spread on an area of 620 Million sq mt. near the Omani capital, Muscat.

It is expected that Dubai International Properties, the international property arm of Dubai Holding will play a vital role in the projects that the parent company intends to implement in Morocco and various other places both within and outside the Middle East, and all these projects will carry the same unique stamp of Dubai International Properties.

The 'Bouregreg' project will spread on a vast area of over five thousand hectares and will stretch out form the river mouth to the Sidi Mohamed Ben Abdallah dam. Of nationwide importance and highly symbolic, this project will be innovative through its technical combination and institutional framing.

The planning and development project of the 'Bouregreg' banks guarantees the preservation of the spirit and the cachet of the site through safeguarding the ecological environment of the valley as well as of its landscape and panoramas, rehabilitating the historic sites of the valley, and linking all these historic sites by a discovery route.

The plan also involves combining urban and architectural inventiveness with the founding spirit of the site's historic elements in order to design a contemporary urbanism, while integrating the modernity intrinsic to the area, and designing a city open unto the sky where terraces and fifth facades of buildings form a harmonious and global element of composition.

The Bouregreg valley and banks planning and improvement projects aims at rehabilitating the maritime vocation of the site, through the construction of two harbors and the elongation of the river mouth jetties; dredging the river and developing an access channel to the estuary; recalibrating the river and constructing docks, landing stages and walking paths on the two sides of the river and developing an artificial lake.

It will also create wealth generating activities and boost the economic growth of the conurbation and the region as a whole. These are the main objectives of 'Bouregreg' planning project as a whole, which is fully oriented towards the future and the citizen.

The project will create 74,000 indirect job opportunities and 34,000 direct job opportunities which will boost the income of the citizens and catalyze the economic growth by developing the tourism sector in Rabat and Salé and the region.
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