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I remember more or less 4 years ago when I went to Dubai I’ve stayed at the
Le meridian jumeirah beach for only 300 Dirham Breakfast included the year after it was 400 dirham breakfast not included, nowadays you can not dream of having such a price.

Also what you have is local tour operator reserving big quantity of rooms at special negotiated price for them, but the trick is that they don’t pay in advance for the rooms they will do it if they have enough clients and if they don’t confirm the reservation 15 days (?) before the date of reservation the hotel will release the room, so you can call a hotel today and they will say sorry we are full but if you call them 5 day later they will have a room for you.

Another problem not discussed in the media yet is traffic jams and when talking with a number of tour operators working in Dubai many of them complain about the bad traffic situation and traffic jam, it make it difficult for them to make their planning.

Dubai_lover: Just for my curiosity does your father company have a website.
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