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Excuse my poor translation. This was written on

lose 40% of the expected tourist because of the lack of rooms
Dubai: Converting luxury buildings to hotels to fit the high tourism deman

Dubai has started a plan on converting some of the luxury buildings in the emirate to hotels and apartments to supply the hight demand. Which effected the prices and canceled many reservation of about 30% of the expected tourists.

Khalid bin Sulayem showed this plan. He said that number of rooms will be doubled to 2010. To supply the demand and to face the rise of the hotel rooms prices. He also doubted that Dubai will be an expensive tourist destination. He said that there will be a balance in two years between demand and supply.

He also said that the tourism department dont intefere in the hotel rooms prices. And that is something the market choose and it is solely between the two dealers.

Dubai is expected to have 10% increase on the number of tourists despite the
lack of the rooms. He pointed that the emirates lose between 30 to 40% of whom are expected to come to Dubai due to the lack of rooms. Which has made a black market to buy tourism programs.

He said that the occupency rate is the highest amon the tourist destination on the region in which the rate dont come below 90% and it become 100% somtimes. He also stated that the traffic problem wont effect tourism in the long run pointing the Dubai is building new solutions to this problem.

And about Dubai having more than 15 million tourists. He said that the number couple pass 15 million. And the challange we are facing is the lack of hotel rooms. He also said that Dubai doesnt have direct flights to some major destination which are considered important. He stated that Dubai will have 17,000 new rooms in 2007.
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