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Dubai forum thread:

Official website: not yet available


  • A man-made peninsula off the coast of Umm Sequim 2

Project facts

  • Architect: ?
  • Height: tallest building looks twice as high as the surrounding 20 floor buildings, which would make it taller than 150 meters
  • Use: hotel, residential, entertainment, retail
  • The project involves the construction of beachfront development spread over 3.5 million square meters for touristic and leisure services. It will include an MGM-branded hotel and a Bellagio-branded hotel containing 1,000 hotel rooms and apartments, 10 villas with a build up area of 105,218 square meters as well as luxurious restaurants and cafés and a theatre.
  • The island will also include indoor and outdoor swimming pools, business person lounge, water fountains and artificial waterfalls. The theatre will have a seating capacity of 800 and occupy an area of 80,000 square feet. It will host shows organised by MGM, conferences, festivals and weddings. The beach club on the island will offer a number of maritime leisure services and activities to guests and visitors. Water shows will be organised in the evenings, and club and its five-star facilities are also capable of hosting special honouring ceremonies.
  • The island will be surrounded by a corniche spanning an area of 1.2 kilometres that will include cafés, restaurants and retail stores. The ‘Cave of Wonders’, occupying 124,000 square feet of space, will focus on providing entertainment for children and their families through sports and games that cater to different age groups.
  • Status: preparation

Recent picture

Machinery is on site:


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On Google-Maps there is some activity onside.

But I dont know if it is old or new. Could somebody take a picture or at least say, if there is something going on.

Edit: I just played a bit of detective and compared Google Earth to Google Maps. And the entry to the side did get bigger. On Google Maps there is also activity onside.


Then I scrolled to the left and saw, that the Palm Gateway towers are under construction in Maps but not in earth. So, it could mean, that the shots of google maps are newer ones, but I dont know.
At least there was something happening onside, but a real confirmation would be nice to see.
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