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Stunning projects to redefine skyline
By Saifur Rahman, Business Editor
Published: May 04, 2008, 00:12

Dubai: Dubai is set to re-define its skyline with a number of supertowers that will rise more than 100 floors and 600 metres, with a combined estimated value of Dh25 billion ($7 billion).

The projects, to be announced later this year, will be part of a new master-planned development that will raise Dubai's profile on urban development and masterplanning.

Dubai Government has already approved the projects, currently titled AC Towers, EP Site 07, 09 and 15. Designed by Adrian Smith + Gordon Gill, the projects are expected to be completed in five years.

Smith, the lead architect, also designed the Burj Dubai - currently the world's tallest tower at 160 floors.

"Dubai has already become the host to the highest number of supertowers in the world," Smith said.

"We are going to add a few more to the city's growing skyline. Out of the 13 supertowers that are being designed by us, five of them will be located in the UAE and one in Qatar."

His company has already signed with the "yet to be announced developer" to build these towers, which are unique in their own ways and will be more energy efficient.

Eco-friendliness, energy efficiency, sustainability and intelligent building systems are key to the strength of these towers, designed to stand out among the hundreds of towers that are being developed.

Smith said the new technology that he plans to employ on the buildings will pull air from the top floors, that are about 10 degree cooler, and spray them at the lower levels where temperature is higher.

"This is a unique technique never employed in supertowers. Dubai will be the first city in the world to have them implemented," he said.

"The new buildings that we have designed for Dubai can save energy by 40 to 60 per cent. We can get to '0' level in energy consumption.

"We can, in fact, design buildings that can create energy for the city. Instead of consuming energy, these buildings can actually contribute energy to the city."

AC Towers

AC is a cluster of three supertowers - rising above 100 floors, to be connected at base with an atrium and with skybridges.

A mixed-use project, it will have a built-up area of 800,000 to 900,000 square metres and parking facilities for more than 6,000 people.

It will have a hotel, and residential, commercial, retail and entertainment space for people to be able to live and work.

"The new towers that we have planned, the AC Tower and EP towers will, for the first time, employ the latest architectural ideas and techniques. They will be more energy efficient, high density building and highly sustainable," Smith said.

"For example a canal and waterway will pass through the AC Towers and will create an open space for educational and theatrical activities."
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OMG, :eek::eek::eek:!!!!!!!!!!!!!

please build them, just so perfect for dubai!!!!!!!!!
that's just insane...:nuts::nuts:

c'mon...i DO want them built!!!:banana:
HOLY SH*T! Is this real? This is really the future. You see those buildings in star wars movies.
AC TOWERS sure looks incredible and very unique.
where in Dubai will these beauties be constructed? AC-towers looks incredible!!!
OMG! This is absolutely stunning!!!

This is really such a very advance design that it may become an icon as one of the best modern architecture piece in the 21st century.

They should increase the height of the AC Tower. Probably, around 650 - 750 meters if possible. Or probably higher than Burj Dubai if it get any chance.
agree, 700m for the AC towers would be great, but they shouldn't be over 800 i think
ohh this is absolutely incredible, I can't believe my eyes... It seems Dubai has a surprise for every day with its endless projects!!!

yes build them please!
Those proposals are beautiful imho. They will cetainly be an asset to the Dubai Skyline. The number of spectacular projects in Dubai is absolutely stunning!
Incredible, amazing, etc etc... Seems that Dubai has the potential to become some kind of a futuristic Star Wars type of city. Really nice. :eek:kay:
These Proposals are Amazing!!:banana: Especially EP15 and EP07 - WOW :nuts::nuts:
This REALLY is the future that people envision of being the 2020s - 2040s, and its being proposed today and built today! :banana:

I was little disappointed though at the design of the AC Towers, having read there description. I'm not sure why many of you like the design of it - its hideous. I was expecting a render with three seperate towers only connected by a single sky bridge just above ground level - not many skybridges that rise with the tower ARGH! :eek:hno::eek:hno:
This projects are the more otiginal that I have never seen^^:banana:
Very very very nice designs and impressive height!! AC Towers are just... WOW!!! :nuts:
1. Who coined the "Supertall" term, did we take it from them or did they absorb it from us? :)

2. Amazing, very suitable for Dubais new environment. I hope they will be built between SZR and deira. Or maybe between BD and the marina. What do you think?

The universe? :nuts:

3. What a treat for skyscraper lovers :D.
These towers are OUT OF THE WORLD!Amazing projects!
You gotta be kidding me...

All I have to say is...BUILD IT
WOAH WOAH Those are hot! Now lets just hope its not Damac who gets this haha
1 - 20 of 772 Posts
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