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Dubai's Mega Projects Pics Page

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Hi, well I've used this website for Bahrain's pics before and Trances just discovered that it has a Dubai's Mega Projects section (all the mega projects with recent pics you'll only dream off taking), so thought why not post it here for you guys to see. There are over 200 pics or so, so view till you drop, enjoy:
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Some of these are so great
Wish could get up in a plane and get some
just got a new 7 mega pixel came would love to get some of these shots !

You can also see the progress of the world in these shots and heaps of other current projects including Terminal 3 which we really need photos on

Does any one know this guy ?
I personally don't, you can email him.
i think, u can take a tour in a heli. try calling arabian advertures,
i hear they give a trou for 250 dirhams/person , but i think u have to have minimum number of people with u,

i just heard that, so juiced, dont come after me if i am wrong,
250 Dhs is very cheap for a heli ride even for one person, that's awesome. That's probably what the guy did.
hmmi think thats ok
should get a group and do later this year ?
This guy (Majeed) is definately a pro. Man, I love the emirates towers and the Hyatt, stunning hotel. Look at his other pics especially the silk sea one :uh:.
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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