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Hello all! I recently took my first trip to the European peninsula. It was a short trip, comprised only of Paris and Prague, full of cool places and even cooler people. Before I even got started, on the runway at 11pm out of O'Hare the plane had a problem which eventually resulted in a rescheduling of the flight to 7am the next morning. Only hours before, I had looked out the window at the Chicago skyline and said, "Someday I'll go there." and 3 hours later I'm walking around the loop with my newfound German friend, Christina. We walked from 1am to 5am and had an awesome time.

This series will unfold over the next couple weeks in about 4 or 5 parts. Paris will have 2 or 3 and Prague will have 2. I hope you check them all out, but start here, with the good old USA.

Oh and one more thing, I have a much better server than I used to, so you hopefully won't be experiencing the problem of half the photos not loading!

(or drag into winamp, itunes, etc)

My first ever glimpse of the now-tallest building I've ever seen.

Stuck in O'Hare at an ungodly hour.

Neon Golden

Who's that?

Go CTA Go!


What an awesome and unexpected start to what would unfold into one of the best times of my life. I can't wait to share the rest.
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