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It's fobody's nault!
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Alright! Here we go! This is Part 2 of my European trip, however it is the first part that's actually in Europe.
There will be two more Paris threads. La Defense and everything else.

Check out the first part in the series.
Part 1: Unexpected Chicago @ night

(or drag into winamp, itunes, etc)

Highest point in Paris.

Take the Metro 2

Get off at Blanche.

And head uphill.

His wife was on one side and his mistress on the other

Sacre Bleu! It's Sacre Coure!

You lika da city views? I get you more city views.

God posed really nicely for his portrait.

Watch the Frenchies stare in wide-eyed amazement.

And now for ze grande finale!!! SCROLL RIGHT---------------->>>>>>>>>>>>>>---------------------------->>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

Umm, what was the word I was looking for... oh yeah, it's WORD.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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