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It's fobody's nault!
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Ahh La Defense. As popular as this district is on SSP, its existence was hardly noticed by the people I met in the city. Anyway, it's really a nice place to see. Quiet, pretty and powerful.

I've been Photoshopping my fingers to the bone for the last 3 weeks. Chicago's done, all of Paris is posted or ready to post, and I have yet to start on Prague, which is about 360 photos. But fear not my friends, you'll see them soon enough.

Zee rest of zee series!
Part 1: Unexpected Chicago @ night
Part 2: Paris - Monmartre

(or drag into winamp, itunes, etc)

If you reply to my thread, all of your wildest dreams will come true.

Hey Pierre! Pass me zee football!

Give me zee football!

We're going right.

Posing was thier idea, not mine. :rolleyes:

Where's Waldo?

Excellent bird placement if I do say so myself.

Jump around. Jump around. Jump up jump up and get down.
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