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Dublin an Alpha- World City in new GaWC list

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Dublin has been bestowed with the Alpha- World city status in the new revised list published by the GaWC. Dublin features alongside the elites of Chicago, Zurich, Frankfurt, Bangkok and Prague.

Curious to note that megalopolises like Los Angeles, Melbourne, Manila and San Francisco comes in the beta-category, which I find rather strange and amusing. :nuts:

Referance: Wikipedia
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How does one obtain this status and more importantly where are we promoted from? Sounds like very positive news.
Im sure there is valid reasons why certain cities are ranked highly. Whether it is accurate or not it's a good place to be presumably.
Im happy with it. Im proud of Dublin as a city - it has alot going for it and the infrastructure is improving immensely and has improved alot over the last decade. It's a good place to do business and it's a great place to live. Obviously your opinion of Dublin, like any other city, depends on your wealth but overall it's a good city. It has cracking geography and there is lots to see and do. It's very vibrant. It has it's problems like everywhere else but I would never choose anywhere else to live.

If someone from Cork wants to comment....please do.
Quality of life I suppose. All we are missing is 300 days of warm sunshine a year. Alot of major multinationals have hq's here aswell and according to wiki that is a key indicator. They must have there reasons. This is far from the first time Dublin has topped such lists. It was voted worlds best city a year or two back and has had other questionable titles aswell.
I'm not saying Dublin isn't any of the things you've said, I just fail to see how it could be placed above cities such as Barcelona, Berlin or San Francisco, using any sort of meaningful parameter.
Ultimately "quality of life" comes down to how much money you have. It is a bullshit science in many ways.
The ISEQ is quoting well over €1 billion mate!
Ryanair alone has stock on the ISEQ of just under €4 billion being traded. You must be talking about 1 weeks worth of trade surely?
well it's something i read before, but i can't find accurate figures...
How is it "screwed up"? How many multinationals have hq's here? What about the IFSC? Why are you supprised to see Dublin where it is?
the earlier 2 ratings weren't that bad, actually. But this 2008 list is all screwed up top to bottom. If we use this as a referance then we'd end up in the gutter. Alpha world city, and I haven't even heard about Caracas (?) before, have ye? :eek:hno:
Because California is in far more serious trouble then this country. They are currently issuing IOU's to cover debt. The banks have already said they won't except this. Bankruptcy is imminent. I was in LA earlier this year and, jesus, you better pray their problems don't extend to this country. Estate after estate made homeless over night - all repocessed. Entire communties now on the streets. Business imploding since the dot com bubble burst. They never recovered from that. That should be remembered.
See, Im not too unhappy about Dub's rating. I shouldn't complain there but this system will lose credibility if they go on with such glaring omissions. C'mon, who with a tinge of common sense could leave out LA from the hulk cities? The center of Hollywood, cultural melting pot, aviation/transportation hub and what not? And it pretty much scores high on all the criterea, except in Public transport.

Someone's got their calculations wrong..
You mentioned LA

How would we like it if we were governed by this imbecile? Give me Brian Lenihan any day!

Im 100% sure they are well aware of the status. Lets hope we hold this admirable posistion and not knock it.:)
I hope so - he gonna need it!
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