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Continuing from the previous thread - a fresh start for a new stadium for Dunedin. :)
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:cheers: Thank you ! Has anybody got any good renders ?
Just finding some from the old thread:

You know, with all the debate that surrounded this stadium, I forgot just how fantastic it looked.

Thank you, Jarbury for reminding us what we all that fighting was about!
Thanks Jarbury, YES ! it is fantastic :applause: ! What is planned for the surrounding area, I hope that those warehouses are not a permanent feature :(
From the CST website

Updated design (change to roof)

River Leith (?) running behind

Out front


At night

You can imagine the roar from the crowd on this pic

Just wondering if they aren't going to get massive problems with dust from the quarry across the road. It could play havoc with the roof potentially
Some renders here show the trusses above the ETFE (Ethylene tetrafluoroethylene) layer, which is how the stadium roof is styled now. Forget the early views with the trusses inside the roofing system.
From the CST website:

The material proposed for the roof cladding is a transparent membrane technology, formally known as Texlon. Texlon comprises several layers of a space-age thermoplastic called ETFE that will be clamped to the roof structure and then filled with low pressure air to form large ‘cushions.’ The resulting ‘cushions’ are extremely strong and stable, and will allow large amounts of light – particularly in the photosynthetic UV light range – into the stadium, and therefore allow both the grass to grow naturally all year round and provide a sheltered venue.

ETFE is a close relative of the common compound PTFE – also known as Teflon and shares many of the same properties. In addition to having a ‘non-stick’ surface that will keep it clean, it has an extremely long lifespan and is not affected by salt water, acids, alkalis or other solvents present in the environment.

Items of interest:

  • The stadium will be designed to withstand minimum 90 knot winds without damage, which is equivalent toa Category 2 hurricane
  • Texlon ETFE cushions are custom designed and have been used in many public building-types, from airports to hospitals, galleries to youth hostels and, now for the first in the world, it is to be used to fully cover a multipurpose stadium
  • Texlon ETFE weighs less than 3kg per square metre
  • Texlon ETFE cushions are shatterproof
  • A Texlon ETFE system will give roughly the same thermal insulation as double glazing
  • ETFE has a melting temperature of approximately 260°C
  • Texlon ETFE structures can be easily lit using a variety of methods (including projection and LEDs)
  • For the different environments at this multipurpose stadium the simplest way to describe the acoustic effect of Texlon is to imagine that it is not there. The ETFE does not promote reverberation and does not reflect sound. The net effect would be as for an open air stadium.
  • As ETFE does not degrade over time – the material can be fully recycled and re-extruded to form new cushions
  • ETFE is made from a waste product from the mining industry and is not an oil-based product. It also requires very little heat in its manufacturing and is one of the most environmentally friendly materials available in the building industry
  • Can easily be repaired or patched
  • The Dunedin Multi Purpose Stadium will be the 3rd largest ETFE clad building in the world – the two others are the Beijing National Aquatic Centre and the Allianz Arena in Germany. It would be the largest ETFE clad building in the Southern Hemisphere
ETFE has a melting temperature of approximately 260°C...

Hmmm. At the stadium plan change hearings we were told by one of the DCC expert witnesses that if put under high heat the ETFE will not 'melt' onto the crowd - rather it vaporises.
I'm trying to be an optimist but the proposed cost may be optimistic.
^^ Let's hope the architects and Hawkins have got it right ...

Stadium support emerges over weekend
ODT 27 Apr 2009

Support for Dunedin's new stadium seems to be emerging, as the Dunedin City Council prepares to sign a contract today with Hawkins Construction to begin the building phase.
Read more
Fantastic, fresh new start, soon we can see some pictures of the first soil being turned.
There is an Extraordinary Council Meeting for the DCC this afternoon at 3pm. Here's hoping the contract gets signed today ... :)
Some of the surrounding area will be demolished to make way for the realignment of SH 88; on the stadium side of the Leith, the warehouses and storage tanks toward the Harbour would go; on the other side of the Leith some of the warehousing along the railway line would go for the road. Over time other parts closer to Anzac Ave would become part of an extended campus area and redeveloped by the University of Polytech.

This is from the design docs to indicate a vision for the area rather than actual developments ...

Thanks Jarbury, YES ! it is fantastic :applause: ! What is planned for the surrounding area, I hope that those warehouses are not a permanent feature :(
^^Sweet plan for Dunedin, what is this Antartic Bio Dome all about?
I don't think it's a real project as such -- just part of the architects' ideas for types of development surrounding the stadium area. Eventually the quarry adjacent to the stadium will close and why not something like a biodome, an indoor skifield, gondola or cablecar to Signal Hill overlooking the city? The area around the stadium should experience development pressure though both from the University and private sector. The marina area is ripe for some spending ...
^^Sweet plan for Dunedin, what is this Antartic Bio Dome all about?
No such luck (with the vision), Port Otago is keeping the storage tanks exactly where they are (no park possible); and this links up with the Security Area planned for the Harbourside. This is still a working port area. :)
...on the stadium side of the Leith, the warehouses and storage tanks toward the Harbour would go...
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