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DURANGO, MEXICO: Colonial Jewel of the North

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Durango is located to the Northwest of Mexico just at the foot of the Sierra Madre Occidental. It was founded by Spanish conqueror Francisco de Ibarra almost 500 years ago, believeing (as all Spansih conquerors) that the nearby mountain was made out of silver. It turned out to be an iron mountain that is still being exploited as of today. (Half of it has already been blown away). The city and its surroundings hold the largest collection of colonial buildings from the Spanish Era in the entire northern part of the country. The last two state governments have taken the task of restoring and in some cases completely rebuilding the historical buildings as well as modernizing the city with new infrastructure. This is my very first post. Enjoy!

1. The Catedral Basílica Menor is the centerpiece of the city's downtown. This is a picture taken a couple of years ago with my cellphone (thus the low quality). As you can see, the stone and rock with which the baroque building is constructed is visible. Take note for the next image.

2. See any difference? The lower walls have al been covered in white, an erroneous decision in my opinion.

3. A close up to the west tower under a quite amazing sky.

4. A "look-up" view of the former main facade.

5. Arquitecture of the western facade.

6. The eastern facade at dusk.

7. The Eastern entrance.

Much more to come!
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Nice, looks like you made a good restauration job
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