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#Durban Ice Rink (Redevelopment) | Complete

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Durban ice rink set for multimillion-rand revamp
TUESDAY MAR 25, 2014

Durban's once landmark ice rink will again take its place as one of the inner city's major tourist attractions, with a multimillion-rand refurbishment of the Olympic-sized facility, which is set for completion by Christmas.

An artist's impression of what Durban's new ice rink will look like when it is completed later this year.

Built in 1955, the ice rink, which was once the site of elaborate ice shows and home to ice hockey and figure skating, crumbled owing to lack of funding and a decline in interest.

Durban businessman Sastri Ramiah declined to speak about the facility, as he was planning an official launch in June. He currently uses the venue for the Olive Convention Centre and started construction on the new rink in September. All ice sports were transferred to a smaller rink at the Galleria Mall in eManzimtoti.

Arthur Gammage, from eThekwini's architecture unit, confirmed that the re-establishment of the ice rink was in line with the conditions of the 2008 sales agreement with the city, which required the buyer to rebuild the rink.

However, the issue of parking had yet to be resolved.

'In the past, spare parking at the adjoining Eden Crescent was used, as well as space across the street. But I don't think that will be enough,' he said.

Gammage said that the conference element would be retained, while the back of the original building would be extended to accommodate the ice rink with gallery seating.

He also said that a plan for a multi-storey parking garage tacked on to the front of the building had been turned down as it would have destroyed the facade.

A spokesman for the eThekwini municipality, Thabo Mofokeng said: 'The ice rink is in a strategic location. It is close to the beachfront and areas like the Moses Mabhida Stadium. The aim is to develop this into a world-class sporting precinct, offering an array of sports.'

He said the municipality hoped that the improvement would be a catalyst for other improvements and attract tourists and investors.

Gwen Sparks, from the Ice Station at the Grand West Casino in Cape Town, said the venue there was a major tourist destination.

'During the holiday season, about 50 000 people a month use the ice and about 20 000 during the off-peak season. Ice hockey competitions take place regularly, as well as figure skating competitions,' she said.

The facility was also used by development clubs, ice dance and synchronised iceskating clubs.

Michelle Murphy from DurbaKnights and Kieren Edge from the Southern Storm ice hockey clubs said that the new rink would grow the sport locally and could host international and inter-provincial tournaments, previously held in Cape Town.

Barbara Higgins, who trains disabled skaters for the Special Olympics, agreed that it would be a massive boost for her charges.

The Mercury

Source: IOL Property
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Hopefully they will use real ice in this rink, and not that fake synthetic "ice" rubbish they used in Galleria :eek:hno:
To be an official Olympic rink it will retain the real ice it has always had I am sure.

Positive development
Hopefully they will use real ice in this rink, and not that fake synthetic "ice" rubbish they used in Galleria :eek:hno:
Galleria is now a "real" ice rink as well...
Good to hear :)

Also, when did they convert Galleria? That sounds much better.
Hopefully the likes of local ice hockey will gather more support. It's something I would imagine South Africans would enjoy :lol:
Good to hear :)

Also, when did they convert Galleria? That sounds much better.
I think it was relatively soon after opening...

The fake surface didn't work so well from what I know, so they replaced it quite quickly. Given how quickly it was done, I would assume the structure was built for a real icerink, and the fake one was done to get the rink open sooner.
Will be real ice, Im told the one at Galleria is also real ice as well?
New Durban Ice Arena promises family fun

Published: 18 Sep 2015, 9:55 a.m. by Zongile Mthimkhulu -

With summer a few months away, Durbanites will have another way to cool down.

The old Durban ice rink is planning to reopen its doors next week.

The 60-year-old entertainment arena, situated near Durban's north beach, was closed in 2009.

Just under two years ago, work to revamp it began.

Sastri Ramiah, who's been managing the project, says they're excited about what the rink will offer.
Rest at
Here's an accompanying Youtube video to the above report. Rink looks great!
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Once saw a render showing a very tall hotel added in the revamped Ice Rink. Just wondering...
Is it full scale size now?
Weekend papers mentioned that it was now restored to full size.
The 17th September 2015 edition of the Independent on Saturday reports that the rink is now Olympic sized. It has the capacity to accommodate 800 skaters and 700 spectators, and can be converted into an arena. According to the report, one of the first events to be hosted in the rink will be in Nov (the Russian show, Shine on Ice). Regular events which are planned to be hosted at the rink include jazz events, food events, career exhibitions, and educational tours.
My collague says this is fully functional. She went there with her kids at least two weeks ago and was very happy about how it looks. She stays in Amanzimtoti.
Looks great, especially since it's the revival of a major attraction.

I was going to post a link to their Groupon but looking at now, it I realise that it's not a special the Groupon is the same price as their price at the door.

Anyway the Groupon pics are below.

(we need to revive a proper bowling ally now)

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Does the whole of the city not have a proper bowling alley?
Does the whole of the city not have a proper bowling alley?
I don't get his statement either. Gateway has over 20 lanes, Pavilion has loads, Galleria has, Suncoast has...
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