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And once again I visited Dzērbene and this time with my new camera :)
For those who don't remember, here is the last year thread:
But this time the weather was just crazy, one second the sun shines the next second it rains so much that you just see a white wall of rain drops

Here are this years photos:
1. Aptiekas street in Dzērbene

2. The pond and road by the new cementry

3. In the new cementry

4. Suddenly the new cementry doesn't look so new ;)

5. From the cementry hill

6. The sky over Dzērbene

7. The grave of my fathers godfathers brother - Arturs and his wife, I was named in honour of him, he died last Christmas

8. A native ;)

9. Dzērbene churh



12. The road by the old cementry and "Ezerkalni" (Lake Hill) house

13. Kapsētas ezers (Cementry lake)

14. Old cementry charnel-house

15. Meet Juliet and her kids (thanks to "Ezerkalni" owners who called me over to take pictures of them)

16. The whole family is going for a swim :)

17. Romeo and Juliet and their kids ("Ezerkalni" owners told me that they both have been here and raised their kids for the last 4 years)

18. My grandparents grave


20. The High Hill (local open air concert hall)

21. View from the High hill to Mācītājmuižas lake

22. Entering the Dzērbenes "castle" teritory

23. A house by the "castle"

24. The castle tower

25. The whole castle

26. The castle now is a music school, library and the local municipality administration building

27. A stork in it's nest (there were also some baby storks)

28. The castles stable

29. Dzērbene panorama (as you see the weather changes again)

30. A random house in Dzērbene

31. Dzērbene school (my father learned there)

32. "Now entering Dzērbene, the home of my childhood"

33. "Now leaving Dzērbene, hope to see you back next year"

34. Latvian countryside

35. And 5 minutes later the weather was like this. I even had to stop, cuz the only thing I saw was the rain (it was really like a white wall)

36. That's Latvia

a.k.a. The King Arthur
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About the brightness:
It's magic :D ... not everyone is worthy to see them normal :D

But seriously ... even on the camera display images 24. - 27. are dark ... I asume that it's because of this combination: I used the setting for landscapes on my camera + the weather started to change so it was almost as dark as late in the evening
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