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#East Brick Lane - 3F - Commericial - Rivertown | Complete

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Missed this one, which is now completed.

East Brick Lane is designed with multiple layers of soothing space to take advantage of natural light and ventilation ensured. Most important is that the space function has been continuously transformed will facilitate workers’ activities whereby the interaction between people in the building were easier. Former structures on this building were combined ramen structure on low level in building and load-bearing walls that finished red brick exterior. The main door of East Brick Lane was also pushed back deeper in order to create a buffer around to avoid unnecessary collisions by passing vehicles, as well a protective layer separating aluminium door with external climate given the fact is that the Durban climate has high humidity and intense sun.The large glazed entrance was designed with a concrete staircase inside bring the feeling of excitement and curiosity for many passers-by. Ceramic, timber, concrete and blackened steel feature heavily in a bold but limited palette and we designed in a lot of room to accommodate generous amounts of vegetation in aged terra cotta.

Commercial Rental
From R75 per square meter
Various office space sizes available.

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