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East German commieblocks :-)

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I've decided to take all the commieblocks pictures from my "Germany by Rail" photo series and put them together in one thread. Since East Germany has/had the "better" commieblocks (and more of them), I'll just do the East German ones.

I'm not done with that series yet so I'll gradually add more as I do more cities.

All photos, of course, are from Windows Live Local.

Each post will focus on one city. Enjoy. :)
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CHEMNITZ - this city is truly commieblock heaven :)

For some reason, this one is my favorite. :)

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Commieblocks mixed in with modernist office buildings

Not sure if these would be classified as commieblocks or not. :)

Not sure if these would count as commieblocks or not, either

The most geometrically mesmerizing collection of commieblocks ever!
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Doesn't look bad at all. Buildings look neat and the greenery areas between them are apparently very well maintained. Seems like the quality of functionalistic city planning didn't suffer from communism in East Germany, at least if you compare to USSR.
Unfortunately Windows Live Local doesn't have bird's-eye coverage of Berlin yet.
First of all, this is an amazing collection.

Do people still live in those things?
Are there any plans for demolition?
Thank you very much for these pics! This is really awsome thread! So many nice blocks... Your favourite, Dresden's first pic and ilcapo's favourite are even better.
Chemnitz - the commieblock heaven :lol:
Nice collection!
First of all, this is an amazing collection.

Do people still live in those things?
Are there any plans for demolition?
Alot of the commieblocks in east Germany are empty because the populations of east german cities are in decline (migration to west germany) and the city centres, historic districts and one-family house suburbs are more attratctive right now. Therefore many cities started to demolish their commieblock quarters.
Why did humanity punish itself by building Commieblocks?

This was another really good city for commieblocks. :)

This one is my new favorite. :)

Not sure if these are technically commieblocks

Commieblocks? Or not?

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OK, I just say really thanks again! That is so beautiful! Wherever you take them from... Nice and modern cityscapes... The longer tha block is the more I like it! And I also like nice figures thay form as seen from above...

But why oh why isn't there even one people who would take a big phototour in these areas in Germany and put the pictures here? Tallinn has many commieblocks and I have put hundreds and hundreds of pictures to this forum. Pictures from the ground level make another and different emotional feeling... Although most of humanity doesn't understand much what thay have actually built... ;-)
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