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East Midlands | Urban decay and dereliction | Photos

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In light of the grim picture painted of Nottingham by illiterate ex-residents, I thought it would be interesting to get some viewpoints of the dark side of our region.

As you may know I spend my time photographing derelict and abandoned buildings in the region, particularly industrial places, that said I feel this thread should go beyond this - images of slum clearing, vandalism and the likes should be included here.

First up, some of Nottinghamshire's sadly dwindling collieries (Clipstone and Annesley near Mansfield)

The now forgotten train loading gantry cranes at Stanton's Foundry in Ilkeston

Great Northern Railway Warehouse in Derby
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Good thread. Are you part of the 'Derelict Places' forum?
Have you got a photo of the Broadmarsh?
Nope - I created this thread largely as a means for everyone to post images.
Perhaps he got the joke but didn't think it was funny? Maybe someone should post an aerial view of Nottingham?
Former Leicester Great Central Railway Station:

Now partially derelict and a garage and only a stone's throw away from Highcross.

Also close by the former All Saint's Brewery site:

which has also has an uncertain future.
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