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Village people.

Village people from bdonline.

Greg Deas of Lend Lease.

Design Board

Ricky Burdett, Principal design adviser, ODA.

Greg Deas, Lend Lease Australia

Paul Hartmann (chairman), Stratford City project sponsor, ODA


New this week Denton Corker Marshall, DRMM, DSDHA; Eric Parry, Lifschutz Davidson Sandilands, Ian Ritchie, Caruso St John.


AHMM; Patel Taylor; Fletcher Priest; Vogt as landscape architect


Glenn Howells with Piercy Connor Architects and Niall McLaughlin; Patel Taylor with CF Moller and Panter Hudspith

Housing and medical centre

Penoyre & Prasad

Tall towers

Make; Ian Simpson

May 2007
Lend Lease and the Architecture Foundation announce an international competition for Athletes’ Village architects

August 2007
Lend Lease reveals framework of 47 architects, including small practices and rising talent

September 2007
Village planning application submitted to ODA’s planning decisions team; the overall framework has planning, and individual schemes on the site must now be submitted separately

February 2008
Legacy masterplan goes to KCAP, Edaw and Allies & Morrison

March 2008
Frank Duffy writes to the ODA’s design panel saying he cannot support the village

April 2008
ODA declares the Olympic site “clean and clear

This month
Lend Lease allows village architects to appoint partner firms and reveals plans for four towers of 30 storeys

This week
IOC visits the Olympic site while ODA and Lend Lease attempt to thrash out financing for the village.

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From London 2012 blog.

The Olympic Village is immediately to the north of the new Stratford International station and the line that takes the High Speed 1 train from London to Europe:

In this image you can see some of the site detail more clearly including the first of the piling rigs. These will insert concrete columns up to 24 metres in length to reinforce the ground where the first blocks of the Olympic Village will sit:

Piling to create the foundations
The piling works will form the permanent foundations for the first blocks of the Olympic Village:

Looking into the future
This is the latest artist's impression of the Olympic Village. During the Games, the Village will provide 17,000 beds for athletes and officials and 7,500 in the Paralympic Games. After the Games, the Village will provide up to 3,500 new homes:


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Some very useful informations...thank you !

Why did they just not blow up those tower blocks?

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From bdonline

The village will be much more high-rise than previously planned, featuring four towers of around 30 storeys high, designed by non-framework architects Make and Ian Simpson. These will become a defining part of the villlage’s look.

“They will effectively overlook the cascades and the Olympic Park,” he said. “When the cameras scan up from the stadium, they will have a very strong profile.”

What will the village include?

Shops, restaurants, medical and leisure facilities, and open space
17,320 beds for Olympic athletes and officials
8,756 beds for Paralympic athletes and officials
4,000 mixed-tenure homes after the games as part of the wider Stratford City regeneration project

Architects working on the Olympic Village and what they are designing:

Glenn Howells with Piercy Connor Architects and Niall McLaughlin: housing
Patel Taylor with CF Moller and Panter Hudspith: housing
AHMM: masterplanning
Penoyre & Prasad: housing and a medical centre
Make: two towers
Ian Simpson: two towers

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Hi I've done a search & cannot find a dedicated thread for the 2012 Olympic Village development. (Admins if I've duplicated please delete & point me the right direction).
There's a general London 2012 thread down in the Cultural and Sporting Section here

However, what we really need now is it's own subforum somewhere - the Olympic Village isn't really a 'cultural' or 'sporting' venue however it's a massive project linked to the 2012 Olympics and deserves to be covered.

There's also, apparently, a dedicated Olympic Stadium thread somewhere else on this site.

If there was a dedicated subforum for the Olympics (within the London section) then we could have a General Discussion thread (for all the comments on how much it's costing etc.), then separate threads for the Stadium, The Swimming Pool, the Village, the Velodrome etc...

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what i dont understand is why the most prestigious and important large scheme in london is the one that is completely information free. no one really has a clue of what is going where. why is there a complete lack of information? they have FOUR years left to do everything.

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Well when the planning documents go up I'm sure you'll hear about it.
Well the first dribbles of information are appearing.
The Olympic Village developments are listed as Zones 3,4,5 & 6 of Stratford City.

From the ODA Planning site

Glenn Howells Architects plans for Building N15 in stratford City Zone 4 (Olympic Village)

Eastern Elevation.

Northern Elevation.

Southern Elevation.

Western Elevation.

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Taxpayers to bail out 2012 games village

The government will be forced to step in to bail out the London 2012 Olympic athletes' village as the impact of the credit crunch and the sliding domestic housing market threaten to stretch the £9.3bn budget for the games to its limit. The chairman of the Olympic Delivery Authority conceded for the first time yesterday that the village would definitely require additional public funding to cover a shortfall that could run to tens of millions of pounds.

John Armitt told the Guardian: "The government at the end of the day will have to come in and support the village [financially] - that is understood. But negotiations are going on at the moment to try and minimise the degree to which further government funding to support the village is required."

Armitt's admission came as the National Audit Office (NAO) warned that the existing deal with Lend Lease, the contractor charged with building the £1bn village, could collapse entirely. The village is the single most expensive element of the Olympic Park construction project, but plans for a public-private partnership between Lend Lease and the Olympic Delivery Authority (ODA) have been undermined by problems in the banking market, which have made securing loans more difficult.

The ODA had agreed to put in £550m of public money, with the remaining £450m made up of equity from Lend Lease and private-sector financing. Lend Lease has encountered serious difficulty in raising the funds however, and is seeking a new deal to reduce its exposure.

Armitt's comments yesterday came as the NAO identified the need to secure a sustainable deal for the village as a priority if the project was to remain within its existing financial package. It warned that the Lend Lease deal could collapse, and said the government was preparing a contingency plan to rescue the project if the contractor were to walk away.

Lend Lease's difficulties in raising capital are compounded by the state of the housing market. A crucial part of the deal is the resale of 4,000 homes that will be built to accommodate the athletes and officials in 2012. The ODA alone aims to recoup £250m from receipts, but doubts about the strength of the housing market have weakened Lend Lease's position.

"The funding for the village is proving difficult in the current financial market. One of the factors is the end value of the housing. People are finding it very hard to put an end value on it because of all the uncertainties in the housing market," Armitt said.

Negotiations between the ODA and Lend Lease are expected to take the rest of the year to resolve, and in the meantime the ODA is funding the start of construction work on site. An ODA spokesman said it was hoped any additional public funding would come from the £1bn of contingency funding within the Olympic budget that had yet to be allocated, and said it would seek to recoup any additional funding through additional property sales.
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