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Eastern in Valladolid (Spain)

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Easter in Valladolid (Spain)

During Easter in Spain is typical celebrating what we call "Procesiones" where Jesus' death is remembered.
In these "Procesiones" participate many people forming "cofradías", adn every cofradia has at least one old color-painted wood sculpture (many of them are from XVI or XVII century).

The most importants procesiones are celebrated in my city (Valladolid), Sevilla and Zamora.

This thread is to show the pics that I took, not to speak about religion, please ;)

I hope you like the pics.

Here you can see different clothes of the "cofrades" (members of Cofradías):

These are some of the sculptures:

There are many more sculptures.

Some "cofrades" walk with crosses, like Jesus did

Even some of them walk without shoes because they've made a promise to God hoping for something (health, work...)
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Now, some details and artistic pictures.

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I have many more pics in my photo gallery here
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No es por molestar, pero juraria que Semana Santa en inglés es ''Easter''. :)
Gracias. A ver si me lo edita algún moderador de este subforo.
A video with photos of Valladolid;

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