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Easton, MD

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Easton is a town on the Eastern Shore of Maryland, and is the seat of Talbot County. Easton's population is around 15,000.

Easton was originally called Talbot Courthouse, and Easton became known as the "east capital" of Maryland in the late 1600s and early 1700s. Easton still serves as the center of activity for much of the Eastern Shore of Maryland.

A house on Washington Street.

The Talbot County Courthouse, on Washington Street.

The Talbot County Courthouse was built in 1794.

Buildings on Goldsborough Street.

Businesses on Washington Street.

Buildings on Washington Street at Goldsborough Street.

Businesses on Dover Street.

The Tred Avon Building, on Washington Street at Dover Street.

Buildings on Dover Street.

The Auditorium, on Washington Street. The Auditorium is a multi-purpose facility for the Historical Society of Talbot County.

The James Neall House, on Washington Street. The house was built in 1805.

A house on South Street.

Buildings at Dover & Harrison Streets.

A house on Goldsborough Street.

A house on Goldsborough Street.

A house on Aurora Street.

The Avalon Theatre, on Dover Street. The theater was opened in 1921 as a movie house, and was converted into a performing arts center in 1989.

The Tidewater Inn, at Dover & Harrison Streets. The Tidewater Inn was built in 1949.

A house on Glenwood Avenue.

A duplex on West Street.

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Trendy little place. I like that courthouse.
Great thread! Great Pictures! Great town!
Old-school Maryland rocks.
Easton sure looks a lot different when you hop off of U.S. 50.
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