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Ecological Footprint - What's yours?

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Take the quiz here:

this is my ecological footprint. :( We would need 2.26 earths if everyone lived like me. :eek:hno: I need to start changing my ways!! :cry:

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That test is wack dude.... your such a tree hugger!

My results said something about needing 7.06 earths and whatnot....
^^:lol: actually....:eek:hno: for some reason, it doesn't surprise me. :)
mine was 6.5 but it must be from all the travel i do. 15,000 miles in a car, 10,000 in air. im sure thats whats screwing me up.
Ok... I got 4.15, not as good as Archi Tennis but better than Fern and LASF.
4.94 here. I put myself in the "i want to help the environment every chance i get, i just wish there was a lazy way of doing it" category. I wish every house had recycling receptacles and it traveled through tubes under streets to recycling facilities for sorting by advanced robots :lol:. oh, and the whole system running on solar power :)
If living with my mom-3.31

If living with my dad-5.76
^^ works for me. try it again:

click the link at the bottom of the page that says "Take Quiz"
Ferney is the Shaquille O'Neal of ecological footprints.
^^ :rant: ORLY :rant:
2.47 earths. I drive a lot (15,500 miles per year), and i think i pay enough environment related taxes to make up for it, but i am about to move to an apartment, which should be resulting in fewer energy consumption.
^^ large apartment complex helps a lot it seems. :)

Looking at everyone's numbers...i thought I was bad! :lol:
^^umm...i don't think u get it
i think that smiley was a joke
8.06 Earths.
1 - 18 of 18 Posts
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