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My Visit to San Francisco, Late May I think it was.

All pics taken by myself.

Flying over the Golded Gate Bridge (This was actually taken yesterday)

At the Airport

First picture I took of Down town san fran when coming up the escalator from the underground.

The Transamerica Pyramid, I walked in walked around the lobby and left, just so I could say 'I've been in that'.


Pier 39

Museum of Fine Arts

San Fran from the Golden Gate Bridge

China Town

The Sun did come out for a few min.

I had an hour left before I had to be at the airport...and I was around downtown...and just legged it to Lombard street, I just wanted to see it.
Mainly because my dad has pics he took of it from 30 years ago.

I walked everywhere, I started at 7am, and retired at night at 9pm.

The end, took about 300 in total, just a few I picked out.


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Nice photos eddyk. What other cities are planning on visiting?

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Thanks eddy! I hope you had a great time - all the memories are flooding back now.

I love the effect the fog has on the buildings! :happy:
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