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BBC News, 11th October, 2012

Easyjet has announced six new routes from Edinburgh Airport.

The new services are to Berlin and Hamburg in Germany, Prague in the Czech Republic, Copenhagen in Denmark and Dubrovnik in Croatia.

The company announced another new route, to Reykjavik in Iceland, last week.

The budget airline sought advice from VisitScotland, Marketing Edinburgh and the business community to see where the flights should go.

The company claims the move will bring 160 new jobs along with an estimated 500 indirect jobs in Scotland.

The number of planes at it base in the capital will increase from five to seven.

The firm said the new routes would bring 140,000 more passengers to the city, which would benefit the economy by almost £90m.

Deputy First Minister Nicola Sturgeon said: "The new direct links with some of the world's most exciting destinations will open up fresh inward investment opportunities and strengthen existing ties with the likes of Germany and Scandinavia.

"This is a major endorsement and vote of confidence in Edinburgh and Scotland, and we are working behind the scenes to deliver even more direct routes."

Hugh Aitken, Easyjet's head of Scotland, said: "I'm confident our new 2013 schedule will really appeal to people travelling to and from Scotland both on business and for leisure and will further bolster Edinburgh's world-famous appeal for tourists."

Mike Cantlay, VisitScotland Chairman, said: "We are delighted to be working with Easyjet to help bring valuable new capacity to Edinburgh's route network.

"Scotland's connectivity is key to its success in attracting the lucrative leisure and business travellers which fuel a Scottish tourism industry worth over £11bn."

Gordon Dewar, chief executive, Edinburgh Airport, said: "Edinburgh Airport is committed to extending Scotland's reach across Europe and the world and we will do this by working in partnership with leading airlines like Easyjet.

"Today's announcement is hugely exciting for Scottish aviation by relinking Edinburgh with Berlin and Reykjavik and adding fantastic new destinations such as Hamburg and Prague.

"I'm sure these new routes will boost business and leisure travel to and from Scotland underlining aviation's key role in our economy."
Looks like most of these routes are replacing the routes recently axed by Ryanair and Iceland Express at Edinburgh. Good for Edinburgh Airport to get them replaced and certainly sticks two fingers up at Ryanair!

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Virgin Atlantic offered Heathrow links to Edinburgh and Aberdeen

BBC News, 19th November, 2012

Virgin Atlantic has been offered the rights to operate Heathrow links to Edinburgh and Aberdeen.

Sir Richard Branson's airline bid successfully for the London landing slots formerly operated by BMI.

The slots were released to others by regulators as a condition of allowing the takeover earlier this year of BMI by British Airways' owner IAG.

Virgin Atlantic intends to start operating the new services from the end of next March.

BA already flew between Heathrow and Scotland in competition with BMI, and the European Commission ruled that the London airport's scarce and valuable slots had to be released to other airlines for links to Edinburgh and Aberdeen, as well as Cairo and Moscow, where BMI and BA had formerly competed.

Virgin Atlantic is to lease Airbus A320s from another operator on its new routes.

Its first move into short-haul flights began last August, when it announced a new route between Manchester and Heathrow, building on an often bitter, 28-year rivalry between British Airways and Virgin Atlantic.

The only other airline known to have put in a bid for the slots was Aer Lingus.

Steve Ridgeway, chief executive of Virgin Atlantic, said: "We have fought hard for the right to fly short-haul and take a strong challenge to British Airways within these shores.

"This is the beginning of an exciting new era in Virgin Atlantic history and we now feel a responsibility to everyone that has supported us in this challenge."

The airline is to finalise its timetable plans over the next two weeks.

Edinburgh Airport chief executive Gordon Dewar said the new regular service would provide choice for travelling to Heathrow and open up a new set of onward destinations for passengers.

Scotland's Transport Minister Keith Brown said it was a welcome announcement for both passengers and the air industry.

Mr Brown added: "The detail will be worked out over the next couple of weeks but we are pleased that the European Commission has taken note of the need for both Edinburgh and Aberdeen to be served and that Virgin Atlantic will now be able to operate from two of Scotland's most important cities."

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while schipol is slightly ridiculous, a comparison with manchester is not. the most heavily populated area in the developed world (outside of japan) is bound at four corners by heathrow, schipol, cdg, and frankfurt, with gatwick, orly etc too. outside of this area that is not sustainable and a vastly optimistic hope.

however a look at manchester destinations shows various destinations that you might expect to find at one large main international airport serving a small place (i imagine dublin & stockholm also show this)...

-abu dhabi
-hong kong
-las vegas
-tel aviv
-washington dc

edit - dublin shows others such as...

copenhagen includes

for as long as you have two little airports fighting it out over who gets an extra couple of ryanair routes or who has the 'prestige' of a daily flight to dubai, you can't really expect much more.

berlin has recently combined three airports into one - closing down the utterly iconic & historic tempelhof and the rather fabulous tegel in the process, in order to do exactly this, pool resources, and compete with munich & copenhagen (while being realistic enough to know they won't compete with frankfurt).

if they can shut down tegel, you can shut down glasgow, and still keep (or even boost) prestwick for the domestic alicante/prague brigade.
reposted my own quote about edinburgh and its potential from the high speed rail thread. i'd add also in addition to the above, that helsinki offers flights taipei, shanghai, beijing, tokyo, and osaka.

something is going wrong here and it has nothing to do with london (manchester more than holds its own as a major regional european airport by offering a huge number of destinations). i'd suggest it is the refusal to even consider closing glasgow.

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I'm not convinced closing Glasgow would result In more long haul from Edinburgh (other than those transferring from Glasgow), scrapping APD would probably be more effective.

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Ryanair announces eight new flights from Edinburgh and Glasgow Prestwick

BBC News, 4th December, 2012

Ryanair has announced eight new flights from Edinburgh and Glasgow Prestwick to destinations across Europe.

The new Edinburgh routes will be to Bologna, Beziers, Cagliari, Corfu, Katowice and Santander. The new Glasgow routes are to Rzeszow and Warsaw.

Ryanair had cut its schedule at Edinburgh Airport following a row with former operators BAA.

However, it has reached a new agreement with the airport's new owner, Global Infrastructure Partners.

It means there will now be 38 routes operating by Ryanair from Edinburgh Airport and 27 routes from Glasgow Prestwick Airport.

The new routes are to airports at Bologna and Cagliari in Italy, Beziers in France, Santander in northern Spain, Corfu in Greece and Katowice, Rzeszow and Warsaw in Poland.

The airline is also increasing the frequency of flights on five other routes from Edinburgh and four from Glasgow Prestwick.

Ryanair said all its routes at the two bases would mean it would deliver a combined total of more than 3 million passengers.

'More choice'
Ryanair's chief executive Michael O'Leary said: "Ryanair is delighted to announce its Scottish summer 2013 schedule, which will deliver over 3 million passengers per annum and sustain over 3,000 jobs at Edinburgh and Glasgow Prestwick Airports.

"Following successful negotiations with Edinburgh Airport's new owners, Global Infrastructure Partners, Ryanair will grow its summer 2013 operations at Edinburgh by 11%."

Gordon Dewar, Edinburgh Airport CEO, welcomed the investment at Edinburgh Airport.

He said: "When I came to Edinburgh Airport in the summer, it was clear that we had to repair the relationship with Ryanair and work with them to provide more choice for Scottish passengers."

Iain Cochrane, Glasgow Prestwick CEO, said: "We're delighted with Ryanair's latest commitment to grow its business from Glasgow Prestwick which is another sign of its continuing confidence in our airport.

"It gives travellers an even greater choice of value-for-money destinations next year and a further boost for the local economy, with more visitors to Scotland coming through the airport gateway.

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Edinburgh Airport tower glows purple for upcoming re-brand

STV News, 4th December, 2012

A sudden flurry of snow might be the only unusual thing travellers at Edinburgh airport expected to see this week.

But there’s more happening at the airport than just a light dusting of snow and dropping temperatures, as the airport tower has transformed over night into a bright purple beacon welcoming passengers into the capital.

Although the glowing violet tower may seem just an attractive touch to the airport landscape, the colour change signals exciting new developments for the business as a whole.

Edinburgh Airport’s branding re-launch will take place at Edinburgh Castle on Wednesday December 5, and the purple tower is just a little glimpse of what might be involved in the changes.

“We changed the colour on the tower as a little teaser for the public, and also because it’s coming up to Christmas,” said Gordon Robertson, Head of Communications at the airport.

“We wanted to build up anticipation and excitement about the changes that are being made.

“The re-brand is needed, we’ve been working very hard in the six months since it was purchased by new owners and we’re all very excited.”

The airport was purchased by Global Infrastructure Partners (GIP) from BAA in June 2012 for £807.2m, and since then the group – which also own Gatwick and 75% of London City airport, have been making improvements and attracting airline deals to the capital’s thriving airport.

In August 2012, budget airline Easyjet, who already have five aircraft stationed at Edinburgh, announced that it would be adding two more Airbus A319 planes to its Auld Reekie fleet.

The arrival of these two planes will offer an extra 180,000 passenger seats a year for Scotland, although the flight routes of these have yet to be confirmed.

Some 2.5 million of easyJet’s four million Scottish airport passengers per year currently fly from the capital, which is only set to increase once new planes have been added.

“Business has been good, the changes the new owners are bringing in are making a difference,” said Gordon.

“The tempo has been increased, people are seeing changes not only in the processes within the airport but in the airlines we’ve been attracting.”

Easyjet are not the only airline expanding existing services or creating new deals with the airport, as in November Virgin Atlantic announced they had been successful in their bid for all Heathrow short-haul domestic flights from Edinburgh.

Turkish Airlines have also moved in to the airport since the GIP takeover, introducing Scotland’s first direct flight to Istanbul in July.

As Scotland's busiest airport, Edinburgh currently serves approximately 9m passengers from over 40 airlines every year and handles around 311 flights on a daily basis. It was named Best European Airport: 5m - 10m Passengers in 2012 for the second year in a row at the ACI Europe Best Airport Awards.

“It’s been a very busy six months, but very successful,” said Gordon.

“In 2013, people are going to see more of what we always try to do at Edinburgh Airport – offering Scotland the best possible airport experience and a diverse choice of routes.

“Easyjet’s going to have a further seven routes from Edinburgh and two new planes, which roughly equates to 9 million more passengers over eight years.

“We’re extending Scotland’s reach, and we’re supporting that by getting people through security quickly and making sure our flights are punctual, that’s what’s important to the public.”

The colour-changing airport tower may give little away about the exciting new brand changes at the airport, but it certainly has the public asking plenty of questions and strikes an attractive pose on the Edinburgh skyline.

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Edinburgh Airport marks change of ownership

6 December 2012

Edinburgh Airport has unveiled its new logo to mark its change of ownership.

The new company brand has the slogan "where Scotland meets the world" and was created by Edinburgh-based Taste Design - a husband and wife team.

The design was chosen by the airport's owner, Global Infrastructure Partners, in a competition run between Edinburgh design agencies.

Airport Chairman Sir John Elvidge said it "opens an exciting new chapter in the airport's history."

He added: "Our new owner, GIP, has a simple investment philosophy which is being applied energetically at Edinburgh.

"It is simply to improve the passenger experience and build growth through existing and new routes, particularly to long-haul destinations.

"It is an exciting time to be part of such important and significant change."

'Refreshing change'
Since GIP acquired Edinburgh Airport in June, the airport has secured six new routes from Easyjet and six new routes from Ryanair.

Virgin Atlantic has also indicated that it will launch Heathrow services from March 2013.

The airport's new chief executive, Gordon Dewar, said: "We take decisions in Edinburgh, and Edinburgh is our only concern.

"That is a refreshing change, and one that excites me, and my team.

"Our vision is to be the place where Scotland connects with the world.

"We want to make passengers' journeys easier and faster, and I am confident we are already making progress and are more hungry for improvement than ever before."

from BBC News

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Virgin to compete with BA's Scotland to Heathrow links

BBC News, 10th December, 2012

Virgin Atlantic has set out details of its plans to compete with British Airways on Heathrow links with Scotland.

It is to fly six round trips between the London airport and Edinburgh, with three round trips linking it with Aberdeen.

The airline says 150 people will be employed as a result of the move.

Virgin Atlantic will take over landing slots from BMI, after it was bought by British Airways owner, IAG.

From 31 March 2013, the planes are to be operated by Aer Lingus, but will be in Virgin Atlantic livery.

Scheduling is intended to appeal to business travellers wishing to spend a day working in either capital city, with departures from 06.40, as well as linking to international flights in to and out of Heathrow.

Having already committed to fly Heathrow to Manchester, this is the start of short-haul flights for Virgin Atlantic.

It has seen the opportunity to compete with its long-time British Airways rival, after regulators required it to give up slots to ensure competition is retained on Heathrow's links to Edinburgh and Aberdeen.

As BMI had given up its Glasgow-Heathrow route, regulators did not insist on competition on that route. However, an assessment by the European Commission found there has been a significant increase in British Airways fares on the Glasgow route since BMI withdrew early in 2011.

Steve Ridgeway, chief executive of Virgin Atlantic, said British Airways' monopoly on the Heathrow links is causing "serious consumer harm" which his company intends to challenge.

"Virgin Atlantic will offer millions of passengers in Scotland and Manchester connections around the world through our and our partners' long-haul network, with the additional benefit of providing direct services to and from London Heathrow," he said.

"This is a robust business model that will protect competition to and from Heathrow for the long-term."

Scotland's Deputy First Minister, Nicola Sturgeon, welcomed the Virgin Atlantic plans, adding: "We are still concerned about the absence of competition on the Glasgow-Heathrow route, and will continue to promote its re-introduction, as well as our desire for better direct international connectivity.

"We also reiterate once again our calls for Air Passenger Duty to be devolved as quickly as possible to provide the means to incentivise new direct international services from Scotland."

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Edinburgh Airport establishes £15m new route fund

BBC News - 25th January, 2013

Edinburgh Airport has announced a fund intended to attract operators willing to serve new destinations.

Finance worth £15m annually has been pledged for airlines considering flights from Edinburgh.

The funding will only be handed over once a commitment has been made to a new service.

The airport is hoping to expand its route network to include key destinations in Europe, North America and the Middle East.

The airport currently has flights to 130 destinations.

VisitScotland has welcomed the announcement.

Chairman Mike Cantlay said: "Good connectivity is imperative to Scotland's success not just as a tourism destination in 2013, but as we prepare to host globally significant events in 2014 such as the Commonwealth Games, Ryder Cup and second Year of Homecoming.

"As with our recent support of Air Canada, aiding in the promotion of new routes between Toronto and Edinburgh, VisitScotland will continue to work closely with Edinburgh Airport to ensure we are marketing new routes at home and abroad, encouraging people across the world to make the journey to our breathtaking country, realising all Scotland has to offer."

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Virgin Atlantic unveils UK airline services

BBC News - 1st March, 2013

Virgin Atlantic has unveiled details of its UK domestic service, including that the operation is called Little Red.

It will launch on 31 March in Manchester, 5 April in Edinburgh and 9 April in Aberdeen, providing a total of 26 daily services to Heathrow airport.

Virgin won key take-off and landing slots at Heathrow after the struggling carrier Bmi was taken over by British Airways' parent company IAG.

Virgin founder Sir Richard Branson said Little Red will go head-on with BA.

BA operates around 52 daily flights between Heathrow and Aberdeen, Edinburgh and Glasgow. BA also runs services to Scotland from Gatwick and London City airports.

Virgin Atlantic hopes that Little Red, which will use Heathrow Terminal 1, will help feed traffic onto its international service operating from Terminal 3.

Sir Richard said on Friday that Little Red will "go head-to-head with BA to provide domestic flights that deliver Virgin Atlantic's rock and roll spirit as well as real value for money."

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Little Red, terrible name.
I hope this is a working title.

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Edinburgh Airport passenger numbers down 7.8% in February.

Chief executive Gordon Dewar said further decline on Janaury figures "hide" good airline performance

Edinburgh Airport has reported a further decline in passenger numbers for February.

New figures show passenger numbers fell 7.8 per cent year on year in February to 563,900.

Edinburgh Airport, which was sold by BAA to Global Infrastructure Partners in an £807 million deal in April 2012, also reported a 5.7 per cent year-on-year fall in January passenger numbers.

Aberdeen International Airport also reports a drop in February passenger numbers – down 1.6 per cent year on year – though weighed down by a 15 per cent drop in helicopter passengers due to some North Sea helicopters being grounded.

Fixed-wing passenger numbers at Aberdeen were up 1.7 per cent year on year in February.

Glasgow Airport also recorded growth of 2.1 per cent year on year for February, reversing a slight drop in January passenger numbers.

Edinburgh Airport chief executive Gordon Dewar said the latest figures “hide good performances from a number of airlines, all of which saw traffic increases”.

He added: “We have worked hard to overcome the challenges we faced in 2012 and have secured new destinations for our passengers. Both Ryanair and easyJet are launching six new routes in the coming weeks.

“April will also see the launch of Little Red, the new Virgin Atlantic service from Edinburgh to London Heathrow.

“This is hugely exciting and will help redress the shortfall of domestic services impacted by the extra day in February last year.”

Last year Edinburgh Airport saw 190,000 fewer passengers pass through its terminals compared with BAA's remaining Scottish airports, Glasgow and Aberdeen International, which reported growth of 4.2 per cent eight per cent respectively.

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Easyjet starts new routes from Edinburgh

At last a direct flight again from Scotland to Hamburg.. it's a fantastic city.

EasyJet is to mark the launch of its Hamburg route later by flying a Scottish trade delegation to the German city.

Representatives from 10 businesses will take the airline's inaugural flight from Edinburgh for a two-day visit.

EasyJet announced six new routes from the capital last October.

The routes are to Hamburg and Berlin in Germany, Prague in the Czech Republic, Copenhagen in Denmark, Reykjavik in Iceland and Dubrovnik in Croatia.

Politicians and business leaders welcomed the expansion as a potential boost to the economy through improved trade and tourism links.

VisitScotland hailed the Hamburg connection in particular, with German visitors making up the biggest number of European tourists to Scotland.

Build business

Germany is also Scotland's number four export market, worth £1.3bn a year to businesses.

External Affairs Minister Humza Yousaf will unveil a new aircraft dedicated as "Discover Scotland" at the airport lat the official launch of the company's routes.

Mr Yousaf said: "EasyJet's new route from Edinburgh to Hamburg will help build Scotland's business and cultural links with Germany's second-largest and most prosperous city, providing greater opportunities for co-operation between our two nations."

EasyJet's Scottish head, Hugh Aitken, said: "EasyJet is committed to providing Scotland with an ever-wider range of holiday and trading destinations and we look forward to welcoming passengers on board the new services."

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7000 further flights for city

Edinburgh Evening News - 29th March, 2013

Budget airline easyJet says 7000 more flights will service Edinburgh Airport under its revamped winter schedule.

The carrier has launched flights online from between October 27 and March 2 next year.

The winter schedule, released yesterday, will include easyJet flights on new routes between the Capital and Berlin, Copenhagen, Hamburg, Prague, London Southend and Reykjavik for the first time.

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Interview: Michael McGhee, GIP head of transport

Plans for new gates for wide-bodied aircraft at Edinburgh.

Published on 27/05/2013 00:00

IT WAS a year ago that Michael McGhee touched down in Edinburgh and began work at what he likes to call the “city gateway”, writes Terry Murden.

The £807 million acquisition of the airport from BAA by Global Infrastructure Partners (GIP) had been a tightly-fought battle and the giant international firm’s head of transport projects has wasted no time putting his plans “to improve the passenger experience” into effect.

“Queuing,” he says, disapprovingly. “People hate to queue, so we have put a lot of emphasis on shortening the times people have to wait at security. For 95 per cent of the time it is less than seven minutes and that is an improvement.

“It is a positive start, but we are not satisfied and a big priority over the next 18 months is on check-in and security. There will be a revamping of the terminal facilities.”

This will include new gates to accommodate wide-bodied aircraft and improvements to the range of shops in the international arrivals area. These will come on top of work already done to re-brand and de-clutter the signage and simplify the IT system, having inherited more than 100 from BAA which had been forced to sell the airport by the Competition Commission.

McGhee, a partner in GIP, is a veteran of the transport sector with a worldwide list of projects and connections to his name that should ensure he knows a thing or two about correcting any of Edinburgh airport’s shortcomings.

He headed up the global transport divisions of Credit Suisse and BZW and has advised governments on several privatisations in the transport sector. He helped steer GIP’s £1.5 billion acquisition of Gatwick airport in 2009 and three years earlier of London City and sits on the boards of both, as well as those of Great Yarmouth Port Company and International Port Holdings Jersey.

There have been big problems to resolve, not least last week’s decision by regional airline Flybe to pull out of Gatwick amid claims that the airport’s landing fees were too high. The dispute blew up after this interview took place and he was unavailable for comment, but the Gatwick media office said its fees were a third of Heathrow’s and similar to those at Stansted.

EasyJet will take the 25 slots at Gatwick from Flybe in a £20m deal, but the row has left a bad taste after Flybe boss Jim French claimed “Gatwick simply doesn’t want smaller, regional aircraft at their airport”.

McGhee had to deal with a similar dispute over landing fees at Edinburgh, inherited from the previous owner and involving Ryanair. The ever-combative Ryanair boss Michael O’Leary axed five summer routes and threatened to halve the winter service. There was a lot of talk about job losses and a loss of prestige and vital services for the airport. However serious O’Leary intended to be, the row had to be settled and McGhee made it a priority. While the Civil Aviation Authority is responsible for regulating landing fees and had allowed BAA to raise them to ease its debts, it was clear that some compromise had to be reached which incentivises growth. More to the point, both Ryanair and EasyJet now offer additional routes.

McGhee, understandably, is keen to attract new airlines. Virgin Atlantic’s Little Red recently began a London shuttle service, Air Canada begins flights to Toronto in July and Turkish Airlines is providing daily services to Istanbul. The intention to provide for wide-bodied aircraft hints at further and more ambitious announcements to come. International traffic in April was 10 per cent higher on the same month last year, but domestic travellers have declined, partly because of the economy but also, says McGhee, because of the controversial air passenger duty (APD) which the industry united in opposing. Edinburgh lost 225,000 passengers last year, a fall of 2 per cent to 9.1 million.

“APD is a big drag on growth at other UK airports,” he says, “Pressure is increasing from the aviation industry and from economic groups because we feel the government has miscalculated the net impact on the economy. From the Exchequer’s point of view there is more revenue but it is at the cost of low growth and we think the overall effect will be negative. APD is choking off growth and in some places we are seeing a decline.”

Shuttle traffic is the key market, so the need to get it moving back into growth is critical. Early figures from Little Red show that only one in four passengers is linking up with Virgin’s long haul flights, a key justification for taking on the routes from Bmi. It is early days, but McGhee will be keen to see Virgin satisfied that the service is working.

One focus of growth is to attract more passengers from the west of Scotland and now that Glasgow and Edinburgh airports are under different ownership, the latter still part of the old BAA business, he sees it as fair game for competition. “We are planning to put that to the test,” he says, expecting market share from the west to rise as passengers are lured by the new facilities and routes being provided at Edinburgh. The ability to house wide-bodied aircraft again features as BAA only installed such facilities at Glasgow which has meant Edinburgh being unable to compete.

GIP is effectively a giant US fund which has just raised $8.25bn (£5.45bn), the biggest ever capital-raising exercise by an infrastructure fund. It is in the process of buying a portfolio of 30 container ports, its fourth ports investment, and is bidding for an airport in Portugal. To fund its ambitions for Edinburgh airport it has pledged £100m of investment over five years which, apart from improvements to facilities will also include greater efficiencies. New targets will be set for the time it takes passengers to board and depart from arrival at the airport. At London City, for instance, there is a 20:10 target, 20 minutes for the passenger to board from arrival, 10 minutes to exit the aircraft and leave the airport.

Questions have been raised about its commitment to Edinburgh, partly because GIP has a track record of making operational improvements to prepare the asset for sale. The argument was given greater traction because it sold a 25 per cent stake in Gatwick just two months after buying it. The first 12 per cent of equity was bought by the Korean National Pension Service, and a few days later the Abu Dhabi Investment Authority acquired 15 per cent. However, this was part of a strategy of bidding alone for Gatwick and syndicating once the deal was done. McGhee insists GIP is investing in Edinburgh for the long-term.

Beyond the financial and technical efforts to stamp its mark on the facility, he says the objective is a quite simple one. “We want people to see it as a low stress, convenient, punctual and easy to use airport which is also an interesting place to spend some time.”

Michael McGhee: 30-second CV

Born: Stratford-upon-Avon

Job title: Partner, Global Infrastructure Partners

Age: 56

Education: Manchester University, studied politics and economics

Home: Woldingham, Surrey

Ambition while at school: I could never make up my mind

Car you drive: BMW 6 Series

Kindle or book? Book

Interests: Theatre, tennis and cricket

Best thing about your job: We make an impact

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Does anyone know the reason you're not allowed to use your mobile before security? Edinburgh is the only airport they've shouted at me for calling whilst waiting in line to flash my passport and they shout at me every time..

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Probably because they "think" you are fotographing, also cell phone's interfere with highly sensitive systems. Probably something like that...

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Probably because they "think" you are fotographing, also cell phone's interfere with highly sensitive systems. Probably something like that...
Phone interference is a myth. Why would anyone build a system thats susceptible to something as ubiquitous as cellphone signals..
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