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Eelevation vs. Isometric?

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Hello. I am new to the technical drawing and interior design world. I am supposed to draw an isometric view and an elevation view for a living room. I can't seem to understand the difference between these two. Could anybody please help me to understand what the difference is? Is isometric view showing the whole interior of a room including the furniture, and elevation would be the exterior? or vice versa? I appreciate any help.
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I would certainly recommend elevation view for the point or direction where you want to explain e.g. stairs that connect 2,3 "etages" of building, or chimney for example.
Elevation view is also suitable for roof construction.

But it is not good for interior design, whole building view, or situations. That's where 3d modeling is much better.
You would want to draw in isometric, or axonometric view, but in wireframe mode, so you can see through items (tables, kitchen elements and so on).

Further more, depending on what you actually do, you don't even have to use Auto Cad, there are good programs like Graitec (Advance steel), which lets you easily create 3d models, from which actual measures can be derived, to the level of components.

And there are thing like Sketchup, Archicad.s and so on.
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