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Egypt by cinxxx

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I did a 4 day trip to Cairo one month ago.

It was very interesting, but also very much exhausting :D
Traffic in Cairo is crazy and the non-stop honking stayed in my brain the whole time :lol:
The air quality is not really great, in some places ok, in others really bad. Having all that non-stop traffic consisting of not the most environment friendly vehicles surely doesn't help.
The city is quite dirty to very dirty for most Europeans, also depending on the area.

Anyway, here we go :banana:
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Am trisat si m-am uitat la continuare pe flickr :lol:
Foarte interesant. Strong Mumbai/India vibes la cum pare sa arate tot.
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^^Nu am fost in India, dar prietenul ce m-a insotit a fost.
Din ce-mi povestea el, putine locuri aduceau cu zone nasoale din India, cel mult poate 2 locuri, de unde am facut stanga-mprejur, nu ca ne-ar fi fost frica, dar era prea dubios.

Legat de Flickr, deocamdata e doar ziua 1 acolo, mai sunt inca 3, dar ramane de vazut cand apuc sa prelucrez restul, sunt in urma la modul general cu albumele din mai multe excursii :lol: doar ce m-am intors din sudul Spaniei dupa 4 zile petrecute la caldura si soare...
1 - 20 of 91 Posts
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