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Egyptian veterinarian refuses to join the army: I am pro - Israeli

Michael Nabil Sand, 25, is the first young man claimed refuses to join the army of Egypt pacifist grounds. "I do not want to aim a weapon at an Israeli protecting his country," he told Ynet. It also imposes on the Palestinians the responsibility for the conflict, arguing that "if they had a democratic leadership, everything was resolved." Unusual interview
Roee Nahmias
Released: 24.10.10, 14:54

Abnormal sound in the Middle East. Michael Nabil Sand is probably the most unusual Egyptian heard him lately. He is 25, a veterinarian in the city of Asyut university graduate, and now formally draft the Egyptian army for reasons of conscience.

"The army told me that the final decision that I must report the service as part of an officers' course on Friday, 22 October Fayed (in Ismailia - R. N) begin a three-duty service years," he wrote on his blog last week, "I read a lot and decided to refuse to serve in the army Egypt, and bear all consequences, whatever they may be. However, even though I know have serious consequences for a young man I first Egyptian service opposes pacifist grounds. "

Sand also explained the decision to refuse to enlist: "I am a pacifist, opposed to carrying weapons to subscribe for military organizations and semi - military. Rounds against my conscience. I do not want to go against my conscience, whatever the price. I have no willingness to be a tool on the chessboard arms race, struggles in the blood bath. I do not want to direct the kiss at a young Israeli conscript enlisted, defending his country's right to exist. I think that conscription is a form of slavery for many years fee for my freedom. "

Egyptian soldiers. "Rather than be killed as the army" (Photo: AP)

He argued that the military establishment opened against him in a "propaganda intelligence": "accused of collaboration, treason and working for foreign interests. In light of the growth of this campaign, I began to fear life and perfection of my body if visa army, particularly under censorship beneficiary organization, not a military legal system - neutral and more. Determined to protect the lives and bodies, even if I sit years in prison, I prefer to be murdered in a military adventure. "

Syrian refuse to join the army
There is no doubt that the extraordinary things from an unusual guy. When talking with him further show that this young man with unusual ideas, probably Israeli ears. "While not contacted me directly, but made sure to pass the message that I should join, and decided not to do so and to join yesterday, told Ynet. "I thought about it a long time and decided to do so due to the fact that I was a pacifist who believes in peace."

Sand argues that no single voice in the neighboring country. "I head a political movement under the name 'No conscription. With me in about 20-30 are active, but our group on Facebook friends around 3,000 people. Not only that. I was glad to find our ideas have wings made in the Arab world and Syria rose followed a similar group with similar ideas, also opposed conscription. We are trying to spread our ideas as possible. "

Ongoing conversation as it turns out that these are only exceptions ideas of Sand. "I'm pro - Israeli," he says. "I do not want to take part in anti-Semitic acts and actions negates the existence of Israel in the region. I see Israel as a liberal and modern, with a variety of religions. I have friends in Israel and I see the Israelis as they have a right to defend themselves."

War in Gaza. "Israel's response was normal" (photo: AP)

Egyptian young man did not even hesitate to say that Palestinians are guilty in the ongoing conflict with Israel. "If the Palestinians had a democratic leadership, everything was resolved. Take for example the war in Gaza (Operationin Gaza"- R. N) two years ago. Hamas started it. They refused to hold elections in Gaza and kidnapped the government there. They established a dictatorial regime fundamentalist. They refused to talk with Israel, rockets fired at her, causing her to defend herself. "

He said the IDF's response to rocket fire was "relatively normal for all countries in the world. I do not see any difference between this and the reaction of Turkey in northern Iraq against the Kurds. This is exactly the same thing. "

"Say I Spy"
Asked if he is not afraid to voice such opinions in public, he replies: "I say that for eight years, was arrested several times for political reasons. Nothing new. I am an enthusiastic supporter of peace, tolerance and mutual forgiveness." He adds that is not afraid to speak: "All my life I'm living under the risk and I've used to it. I have already begun to distribute the media in Egypt I was a spy."

Softened its stance toward Israel, he explains that: "from an early age I read a lot about the Arab - Israeli conflict. I

Arab media is hiding the facts that support Israel. I tried to contact Israeli activists began to ask them different things, such as whether it is true that Israel is a militaristic, does Israel really want to expand and reach from the Nile to Euphrates, and more. From here I learned what I know. I knew a lot about the state, society and the law there. Many Arabs living in Israel told me how to really treat them and how they prefer to live in Israel or any other Arab country. Also, I read a lot about Israeli pacifist organizations. "

Despite his sympathy for Israel, has not had a chance to visit us because forbidden to leave Egypt. "I can not go out the next three years due to military service assigned to me, and I guess this prohibition would be extended," he says, but want to clarify that "The Israeli people should know that there are many Egyptians who support him, we love Israel and support its right to exist. Picture released in the media as if All Egyptians hate Israel is a fake picture. It's not the right picture, and I want to transfer it to you. ",7340,L-3973679,00.html
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