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Einbeck, Germany

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Situated in the south of Lower Saxony, Einbeck (pop.: 26.724 ) is most known for it's beer here in Germany. :cheers:

The main station is somewhat removed from the historic old-town with it's many half-timbered houses so it took a while to go there.

Not many people about since it was 38°C which the normal German just can't handle.
I assume most people were sitting in the shade or at the lakes and pools somewhere. I was pretty much melting away...

Quite of few of the old houses were empty. More appealing to live outside the
old town in a new house with a bigger garden I assume.

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It looks like a little nice town.Especially with all the flowers.
Beautiful place. How did you manage to even walk at +38C? I would have died. :D
Beautiful place. How did you manage to even walk at +38C? I would have died. :D
Believe me I almost did.

Everything hotter than 27°C makes me feel quite ill tbh but I was stupid and
thought I could take it with enough water.

Won't do it again anytime soon though.
Amazing, very nice looking town :cheers: and great architecture style...
Germany has so many nice town like these. Viva Germany :)
cute little nice town.
beautiful old-styled German houses.
1 - 12 of 12 Posts
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