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Eindhoven (25×)

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Heey back here with some new and old pictures of Eindhoven, i hope you guys like them.

Eindhoven is a city in holland. Philips made Eindhoven as it is at this moment.
You will still see alot of old factories here who belong to Philips. Alot of those factories are being renovated now or in the next years to new buildings for work, culture and a place to live. So you will see alot of old and new architecture in the pictures, enjoy:

1. Old Architecture

2. New Architecture

3. Kennedytower with the postoffice building (The postoffice building will be
replaced by a 125 meter tall tower)

4. The Admirant.

5. Office's in the station area.

6. Kennedytower (Building with glass, the tower next to it is a part of the

7. Frits Philips is still there!

8. Vestedatower.

9. A new area in the centre called ''Regentkwartier''

10. Museum Kempenland (Right) and the Philips Stadion.

11. Garages in a small street.

12. Old church in the centre.

13. Mediamarkt and Piazza.

14. Philips Lighttower.

15. Mediamarkt with a futuristic bus.

16. Entrance to the piazza center

17. The Regent.

18. The Vestedatower again.

19. Two skyscrapers in this street.

20. View at the Philips Stadion

21. The Dorint Hotel.

22. Old house in the middle of the centre.

23. Porthos.

24. The Regent again.

25. The Regent and the Admirant.

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I like the vestatower and the porthos, nice pics
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